Trophy slots launches competition aiming to attract more fans

Trophy slots has launched a new competition at Facebook with one objective- to add more members to its Facebook trophy slots group. The competition targets existing fans who have been encouraged to create their own trophy slots group on Facebook by inviting like minded friends to come and share the fun.

When the competition ends, group administrators of the ten largest groups will be rewarded with ten million in game coins. All groups that are created as the competition runs will automatically be enrolled as part of the Trophy slots Fan program.

Good response

Joey steel, Trophy slots VIP manager is optimistic that the company objective will be realized in this competition as the competition has already been received well by its fans

“The competition was launched last week, and already we have received amazing response from our fans.  We wait with interest to see some creative ideas of forming groups”

The contest is open up to 31st July. To learn more, check this link