UEFA Champions League Blackjack Ballroom promotion

blackjack casino promotionThis time of the year is a great moment to be a soccer fan, as the UEFA Champions League begun in Europe. Some of the best players in the world can be found in Europe, marking a time when soccer fans leave their homes as less as humanly possible to witness the athletic greatness European Soccer is known for. So, how does that relate to casino gaming?

Soccer Paradise

Blackjack Ballroom attempts to embrace poker players with a soft spot for soccer with its new promotion. This promotion won’t last for long, ending the coming Thursday. Blackjack Ballroom will utilize their already famous classic soccer slot, appropriately called “Shoot”.  The famous online casino says: “If you happen to be a soccer fan, you’re going to love this game” and they couldn’t be more right.

This promotion gives players a trip back to the youth, times where internet communications hadn’t yet boomed and we all lived a simpler life. The nostalgic feeling goes even further, to those times on the school breaks. We all used to talk about spots and famous players, even trade collectible cards of them. Talking about this famous poker figures can seem like a forgotten dreams now, but Blackjack Ballroom gives us an opportunity to revisit this feeling of nostalgia.

Shoot an extra income

Shoot is an online slot that is composed with many superstars of the golden age of this fantastic sport. Its most recognized feature comes with the free spin round. Here players can win 35 spins where your bet will be doubled. This single feature makes Shoot stands well above the crowd of other online slots, therefore justifying its popularity. The promotion will give an extra $100 to the top 5 gambles on Blackjack Ballroom, so it’s a good time to open that old wallet. To be able to take part of the action, a $20 deposit is required in your Blackjack Ballroom account. Any money offered on the promo is wagering money; therefore you won’t be able to take it out. Think of it as an extra wagering amount to have some fun.

Ready to burn the red of an increadible kick? Head to and start pampering your soccer soul!