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USA Olympic Pride – Bovada Casino

August 1, 2012 55 0

We have seen a fair share of Olympic Promotions these days, and now comes the turn of another great Casino. Bovada Online Casino is mainly integrated by players from the United States. However, you can find players from the entire world in their games, so do not worry. Although this promotion is primary targeted to their North American clients, anyone can have access to this promo, as long as they have internet and a desire to win some serious money. Just yesterday we posted a crown jewel of promotions made by casino masters Fortune Lounge.

May them win 1.000.000 Medals

This promotion is another opportunity for those that aren’t too busy watching the Summer Olympics to have some extra fun at Bovada Casino. The spin that this promo makes is that the cash bonus that players will take will be directly related to the quantity of medals the United States team takes home. Of course, United States has of the greatest athletes the world has to offer, so it sounds like an ideal deal. Since 27 July this promo has been active and it will see its end August 12. You need to at least bet $10 on everyday of the promotion to have a chance of a sweet bonus, directly based on the number of medals United States makes, may them be bronze, silver or gold. Luckily, for those that aren’t able to bet each day, if you bet $10 from 11 to 16 days, the bonus will be related to the quantity of silver and bronze medals. Also, players that bet $10 on 5 to 10 days, will get the smallest bonus, related only to the quantity of bronze medals.

Backup Plan

Bovada Online Casino has high hopes for the United States athletes. Bearing a tradition of good promotions and incredible games, they hope the athletes bring as many medals as possible. Of course, there is a small chance  United States dosent win many medals. Bovada Casino has a backup plan in the scenario this happened. Basically, they will make a trip to the past, in the form that the bonusses will be based on the medals won at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. In that opportunity, United States brought home 36 gold, 38 silver and 36 bronze medals. If you bet from 11 to 16 days, you will get at least an $74 bonus. In the 5 to 10 days margin,  you will get at least $36 bonus.

Money Withdraw

This bonus will take the form of casino chips and will have to be put directly into gaming at Bovada Online Casino. The nice thing is that you can choose between any of their games. After 20 games, you will be able to withdraw your winnings. Players that have the requirements to get this bonus will get an email, so they can redeem the bonus within 48 hours after the promotion, with the condition that in their settings they have choose the special offers option.

Here we leave you a direct link to Bovada Online Casino, so you start some serious Olympic money making.

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