Virtual Dogs – a different kind of free online casino games

images (1)The combination of words “Instant Win” is one that sounds attractive to any gambler. Here we offer a different way to play online casino games, a way that features running dogs, adrenaline pumping excitement with one of the most original offerings in a while.

The mystic Greyhound Racing Track

In a joint venture with the nice folks of 888Games, we offer you today Virtual Dogs for free. What does that mean? It means you can play as long as you like without any fear of wasting your precious money. Virtual Dogs is a recent made classic and its popularity is on ascension. However, there is something as too much praise, so now we will proceed to shed some light on the game and the free part of the equation.

If you entered here expecting to play slots, you won’t have any luck with Virtual Dogs, as it is a different kind of offering.  The game will transport you to the heart of a dog racing dome, the Greyhound Racing Track. The trick is that you won’t have to take a bus, ride a train or fuel your car, all the experience will be from the comfort of your home.

Virtual Dogs Mechanics

Virtual Dogs begins with you betting on the outcome of a race between 6 or 8 dogs. The beauty of the game is that there are some options to personalize the experience in a great way. For example, if you want to enlarge or reduce the time of the race, you can easily change it on the options menu. Virtual Dogs attempts to do of the experience the most pleasurable one for the gambler and it is incredibly noted in the design of the game.

Possible Gambles

The game features a wide range of betting types: you can bet a minimum amount of 50p and a maximum amount of £50 (we are talking single bet numbers). Just remember that here you will be able to play the game for free, so you shouldn’t worry about this unless you go from the real deal. Take this as a way to try the game, getting yourself used to the mechanics and only then, if you do get used to it, you can play for real money.

Just below you will find a direct window to start playing away. We have been offering free slots for a while now… and we don’t have any plans of stopping!