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What are the most popular types of online gambling?

April 29, 2013 70 0

People all around the world have enjoyed the entertainment provided by gambling for thousands of years. In fact blackjack is thought to have originated in the 17th century and bingo is believed to date even further back into the 15th century in Italy. The games have of course changed over time, being played in different ways and even under different names, for example bingo was once called ‘beano’, thought to be because poorer players at one time during the Depression would have played with dried beans rather than markers.

Recently the trend towards gambling has become even more positive due to the introduction of online gambling where casinos have started taking their custom online to draw more customers in. Many people enjoy this much more because it means they can participate in all their favourite games from the comfort of their own home. The sites often also offer the chance to interact with other players in chat rooms and forums, meaning that the social side of gambling is not played down at all.

Many of the games which people enjoy in traditional casinos in ‘real life’ are often also very popular online too. You will find that most people begin with easy games such as bingo or the slots. These are very traditional games that do not have particularly difficult rules as they can be played with only the push of a button; no skill is therefore involved. For example, with bingo you can be allotted your numbers and set the game on automatic so you do not need to check your numbers as they are called, the computer will mark them off for you. Furthermore, you can set the game so that if you get a set of winning digits, you don’t even need to ‘call it out’ by pressing a button since the system will automatically detect it for you.

These are perfect games for beginners just testing the waters of online gambling. Even if you are used to traditional gambling, it might be a good idea to start yourself out on a simple game with basic rules that offers few variations just to get used to how the online gambling system works.

More difficult games such as poker and blackjack also enjoy a heavy following online. Not only will you come across a huge number of sites offering these games up to you with large bonuses and introductory offers, but you’ll also find hundreds of blogs and forums which will provide you with advice on how to up your game. There are many that will tell you the basic rules, such as adding your cards up to as close as 21 as you can for blackjack, but there are also many that will try to tell you that there are certain ‘cheats’ or ‘tricks’ to playing online. Be wary of these as many are not true. Remember that all online casino games are run by a computer system which generates random outcomes meaning that apart from using skill there is not a lot you can do to affect the outcomes.

Keno is a game that is very similar to bingo but is mostly played online. Though they have a great deal of similarities, they do differ in some ways. For example, in keno, players are encouraged to choose their own numbers rather than being allotted them as happens in a bingo game. Keno players select up to 20 numbers on a card which are chosen from 80 balls. The winning pay-out is determined by how much the player bet initially; if a player bet £1 and the number of matches they had were on the odds of 10/1, they would gain £10. It is a relatively simple game and just as much fun as traditional bingo.

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