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Where to play Bingo

February 24, 2012 79 0

The game of bingo has been with us for quite a while. Historians trace it origin in the early 1500s in Italy. Centuries on, the game still captivates many fans allover the word- the excitement won’t die any time soon. It is a game that knows no social boundaries, race, or religion. A bingo hall is one happy family with each player hoping to be the one who will finally say “bingo”. Bingo halls atmosphere is almost surreal, it is something worth trying out definitely. But, where is the best play to play bingo? This is a question that many amateurs of the game ask themselves. Before answering this question, it is prudent to analyze the legality.

Legality of bingo

Bingo is considered a form of gambling, and as such it is prohibited by certain authorities that prohibit any form of gambling. With this fact, it is crucial for any player to review the local regulations governing gambling in order to prevent unnecessary fines or in some situations jail. In the United States and United Kingdom where the game has a large following the game is not prohibited as a matter of fact, the two government greatly benefit from the games through taxation.

Options for playing bingo

Bingo can either be played online or in bingo halls. The former has increasingly become popular due to convenience and other associated benefits such as great bonuses payouts. Land-based bingo or “hall bingo” is the earliest version of which the game was played. This form of bingo play has always been-and still is- the most existing form of bingo. If you want real enjoyment this is the place to play your bingo. It is a great place to visit with friends for fun. The friendly atmosphere means that you can easily make new friends.

If you are looking for convenience when playing bingo, you should explore the online version. The Online version is available 24/7 and bonuses offered are relatively higher when compared to land based bingo. This convenience has led to the popularity of the online version of bingo spread like bush-fire attracting many people with each passing day. What you only need to do is sign up with a reputable bingo site, purchase the playing cards and you get started.

If you are interested in earning big money, you should opt to play bingo tournaments. Bingo tournaments are easy to play once you master the Bingo rules. Bingo tournaments are available both offline and online. Bingo tournament are defined by a very simple principle- the each player gets free credits after a week. The more games you win the more credits you will have in your account. The trick is to win as many games as possible. Bingo players create a definite pot and it is multiplied by their winnings. If a player emerges victorious in all the games, the pot is added to his own score. It is imperative to note that not all players will be able to join the pot, it only consists of a pre-determined number of people, and it does not mean that all of them play the same game. Bingo tournament bonuses give some of the best rewards available today.

That said, not all bingo tournaments have prize money, especially the once played online. Some online bingo websites offer tournaments for amateurs for them to improve on their skills, you only need to sign-up to enroll to one of these tournaments.

You can make this as Your Casino & Gambling Guide when playing. Whichever is your preferred option for playing bingo- make sure you have fun, bingo after all is meant to bring fun!

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