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Which online bingo to play?

November 26, 2013 68 0

The new passion for online gaming has stemmed from our modern love of technology. Playing has never been easier, with tablets and mobile phones allowing players to log on anywhere and in different ways. It’s now possible to play your favourite game on the bus, at work or just at home whilst watching your favourite TV show. Online bingo has become one of the nation’s favourite pastimes, which is not surprising considering that it has been played in its traditional form for generations. As one of the most recognisable and easiest games to grasp, many different gaming providers have created a version and offer promotions or special offers to attract players.

The promotions offered vary but are on a theme. Generally a player is required to register with a site, and deposit £10 – £30 or more into a playing account. Then when they log on to play bingo online their account will be credited with another £10 or maybe more. Usually people are loathe to send money before they’ve even tried the game or had a look at the site’s features (such as chat rooms), often blocked to non-members. Paddy Power Games offer unlimited free play on most of their games, allowing new players to experience each game without betting or spending money before they decide to register for an account.

Another great feature is that Paddy Power only requires a £5 deposit to reward players with a £20 playing bonus, in effect giving them five times the playing power! Winning is much easier and players often get their first win sooner because they’ve had more to play with.

Once playing, members can benefit from themed running promotions such as Paddy’s Lunchbox (every day from 12pm -3pm) where members can choose from games in the gold room to win from a £/€10,000 in cash bingo prizes!

The last chance saloon is another bingo room designed to help players win big. If a player hasn’t won in three games in the main room, they are eligible for a free scratchcard with their game in the last chance saloon. This is ultimately an extra chance for success for all players and is another reason why Paddy Power makes a winning choice for online bingo.

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