Why Online Poker Rules – Casino Blog

images (12)Poker can be a dangerous game. Even in a poker room, a well regulated professional in a few minutes can take every single penny of a player, even the car. When you play poker online, you are allowed to  the wonderful option of only being able to bet money. This way, temptation wont strike, as furniture or other valuable elements such as a car, watch or phone won’t be gambled.

Duration and Diversification

Poker, especially a tournament, you can take long hours. When you got a bad hand in a normal poker room, there is little you can do. You have to just sit and get bored watching the other players. Some people take their ipod, eat or engage in conversation with side tables, but these distractions are short and boredom quickly appears.

On the Internet of course, you can navigate to other pages, any modern computer has enough RAM so you can do several things at once. That’s the beauty of online poker… having a bad hand?? Well, I can look at the pictures of a cat playing with a keyboard in YouTube or check out a casino blog to see some poker tricks.

Puff Puff!

In recent years the pleasure of smoking in restaurants and bars has been disappearing in many countries around the world due to the growing ban on smoking in public places. Have your cards, your chips, even a cup or glass of your favorite alcoholic beverage, but something is missing … The cigarette in your hand of course, whether to relax with a terrible hand or just to celebrate a winning hand.

At home no one can tell you what to do (maybe your wife yes), so if you want you can smoke for all your game without breaking any rules or earn a penalty.

No sight of Pros

The professional poker players are experts at reading your mind. Okay, not really, but they are experts in reading body language. They notice every little twitch, every slight sideways glance and every bit of hope that you may have. If a moderately good player can realize your gambling habits, professionals can tell you which cards in your hand before you make your bet.

Clearly then the advantage of online poker, your opponent cannot see you, so if you want to jump for joy because you have a poker kings or mourn because the old lady with a picture of a kitten is not falling into your trap and lose your chips, you can.