William Hill casino news – Online Greek Services Terminated

william hillThis week, William Hill revealed some casino news that many Greece located players will find a tad disturbing. The British online casino, which also takes under its wing a physical presence casino, came with a shocking announcement. Their online casino services will be terminated within Greek territory. Till this day (as soon as they do, we will update), no concrete statements have been given behind this decision, although a spokesman of William Hill disclosed that issues regarding internet regulations within Greek borders are the main reason.

Following Betfair steps?

It seems William Hill has followed the example of other giant of the online casino industry, Betfair, which made casino news last month, ceasing their online services in Greece. Preliminary reports show that this decision could cost William Hill around 5 million, taking into account the revenue made yearly in the country.

CEO of William Hill shared with the media “According to our legal advice, we consider the gambling legislation in Greece to be inconsistent with European law and the associated fiscal conditions attached to these permits, which may include payment of retrospective taxes on past revenues, makes the market economically unattractive,” “On this basis, William Hill Online does not currently intend to apply for a licence to operate in Greece.”

“William Hill, along with other operators, has been working with various parties to achieve legislation that allows fair competition in the market in Greece and elsewhere. It is disappointing that the European Commission continues, despite previously stated intentions to the contrary, not to take effective action to prevent protectionist behaviour on behalf of member states of which the Greek, German and Belgian regimes are only the most recent examples.”

We can only hope this curse of action taken by William Hill is only temporal and that the jurisdictional issues are solved.