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The Wizard of Bingo Odds

December 11, 2014 118 0

While bingo is mainly seen as a complete game of luck, there are some players who use a few simple strategies to help them win. This article provides a few tips for helping you gain a slight edge.

Bingo games don’t have enough complexity attached to them in order to view them as opportunities to beat the system. The only way to increase your odds of beating the house is to play in a game that have fewer players in it. Therefore, bingo halls on days where there won’t be too big of a crowd could prove to be an ideal playing ground.

The main disadvantage of many bingo jackpots is that they are not fixed, but allocated on a percentage of profits gathered from the admissions at the door. So, a small crowd equals a small jackpot and vice versa.

Tips to win

One simple strategy is to play multiple cards at the same time. However, if you can’t keep up with the game doing this, then it can actually cause you more harm than good. The more cards you can play at the one time, then the better your odds of winning become. Therefore it makes sense that the person who wins more frequently at bingo is generally the one who’s playing more cards etc.

Online Bingo

If you’d like to dip your toe into the world of online bingo, then you can play free bingo at landmarkbingo.co.uk. This would allow you to get the basics of the game down before you play for “real” money – which is always a good idea.

When you play online bingo, a rule of thumb enforced by the online casinos is that each player must play the same number of cards. This makes it impossible for one player to have an advantage over everyone else.

This then gives the house a nice edge over the group of players.

Counting Numbers

This can be viewed as an adaption of counting cards in blackjack – only not as mathematically certain. This system can be used by some bingo players who try and predict the outcome of the numbers. In this instance, you are counting bingo ball numbers instead of cards.

In most cases, bingo is played with 75 balls. The likelihood of any number coming up is 1 in 75. There is a random factor added in which is called a uniform distribution.

Tippett Theory

This theory about randomness states that the more bingo numbers that are called out, then it’s more likely the numbers called are going to the median number which is 38. What this means is that if you’re playing a shorter game and you can select your cards, then you could gain an advantage by choosing numbers closer to number 1 and 78. Subsequently, if you’re playing a longer game, then choosing cards with numbers closer to 38 will be a better bet.

However, there are no stats to prove that Tippett’s theory is in fact true.

There are many different types of bingo available in today’s online and offline bingo scene, so you’ll never have to worry about getting tired of the one type of game. Trying to master a strategy that will help you win in the long-run could be quite a challenge – even an impossible one some may say!

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