Women in Games

With the special initiative of Global Gaming Women, American Gaming Association announced that it has scheduled three events those are designed to educate and those would create some good opportunities like monitoring and networking for the female professionals also.

These events would feature knowledgeable speakers as hosts, along with a good number of education events will coincide here. The top names of those which will coincide are NIGA, IMGL or International Masters of Gaming Law and southern Gaming Summit.

GGW was created for nurturing and enriching the personal and professional lives of the female leaders who has started emerging to this gaming world and has enough potential for future. GGW actually launched a mission to support the development of the women and children in all the sectors. It cares about the success of women in games  from all the segments international gaming industry. Of course, social well-being and education are also among the crucial factors they care about.

Women can turn the impossible as possible, which is what GGW believes. So they want to prove it to the world by bringing women together across the nation. By April 4 at NIGA Sycuan Institute of San Diego state university hosted GGW’s symposium on the Role of Women in Tribal Government Gaming. It was sponsored by National Indian Gaming Association and California Nations Indian Gaming Association jointly. The event held in San Diego Convention Center, California.

Women power is no longer restricted to a limit. It can rule through every stage. In Casino gaming also, women are not laying behind. GGW is planning to highlight this matter and it is keen to provide help for education and many other basic matters that would help women to move forward in all the aspects.

At the symposium, some big names like Katherine Spilde, associate professor and endowed chair of the Sycuan Institute of Tribal Gaming at San Diego University; Janet Beronio, GM at Harrah’s Rincon Casino; Holly O’Brien from Warner Gaming and many others.

The fact that matters most in to GGW, is women’s well beings an all aspects. Casino gaming is not all they care about. Therefore they have planned for a bigger venture. The Global Gaming Women Luncheon would take place at Grand Biloxi Steakhouse at Grand Biloxi Casino. It would be co-hosted by the AGA and MSCOA. This matters of these meetings are mainly networking, speed monitoring along with detailed discussion about women executives from all sectors of the gaming industry. This summit is free for all. The matter of discussion is of course the rising woman power in the gaming sectors.

As it is discussed before, this would not only be the game that the discussion would be based on. Future of Casino gaming has now been merged up with the prosperity of common women. That is message what GGW wants to spread to everyone nation-wide.

If people want to join these discussions, they are free to do so. GGW wants its idea to get spread and it would help to create a bigger educational sector in which GGW can train the gaming professionals for a better future. They have plans for next few months and years also. GGW wants the female professionals take over the controls of the games and keep improvising with it by controlling or monitoring along with proper networking. GGW has planned it for a long term. The present discussions and meetings are just the beginning for this massive process.

For admission to the summits, interested parties can log on to www.sgsummit.com. Then they can select the GGW luncheon option and can register it with a mere amount of $35. The way GGW has planned the whole program, one must get benefitted by joining with it.