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World Series of poker is up and running

May 29, 2012 85 0

Las Vegas,

The “Olympics” of poker has finally kicked off. For many poker players, this is the time that they always look forward to; it is the time for making heroes and heroines, and the chance of increasing bank account to previously unimaginable figures. The tournament commenced on Monday with the first gold bracelet event.

Over two thousand players registered for this event in the $1,500 buy-in event that is scheduled to last for three days at the Rio hotel and Casino. This is the first event; there will be 61 in total. Tens of thousands of players drawn from all over the world will be fighting for millions in prize money offered.

For the first event ($1500 buy-in), players are offered chips worth $5000. Cashing out is not allowed. The main aim for each player participating in this event is not to be eliminated and hang on until Wednesday where the first bracelet will be available for grabs in addition to thousands of dollars. Only players who make it to the final ten percent are eligible for a prize.


From the participants on Monday, it was evident that the game of poker knows not any age barrier. The poker tables were filled with women, old men, and young men. The number of young players was significantly higher. This might be due to the fact that the WSOP event is energy sapping that requires players with stamina hence keeping away most of the older segment of the population. While some players kept themselves busy with music, and alcohol, other players stayed focused with their cards perhaps focused on the task at hand.

Although, the task at hand is difficult, many players will be keeping their fingers crossed hoping that they will eliminate last year’s winner Pius Heinz. The 22 year old player from Germany won the golden bracelet and walked home with the top prize of $8.72 million. This year’s tournament will feature an unprecedented $1 million buy-in tournament, and it will be the biggest prize event in the poker industry where $12 million is on offer. Approximately forty players have already registered for this event. As part of poker tradition, the WSOP will have its own charity focused event on July 1st.

Members of the public are invited to watch the games free of charge. July 7th is when the main event will start, and the final day will end on the 28th of October.

Phil Ivey is back!

Phil Ivey, one of the most talented poker players of our generation is back for the WSOP 2012 series. This news will definitely be received positively by his legions of fans, and in equal measure send a cold shiver down the spin to other competing players. Phil gave a wide berth to the 2011 WSOP event as protest when the Full Tilt, Poker stars, and absolute poker were shut down on suspicion that they were involved in the illegal activities of money laundering and other unethical gambling activities.

Phil Ivey, it seems in now ready to show his form as he was present at the $1500 No-limit Hold’em event two on Monday. All eyes will now be on Phil to see if he has rusted, or he still has his devastating groove. There is also the puzzle of how other players with money stuck at Full Tilt Poker will react to him.

These are some of the questions that will take the whole duration of the event to answer. We will surely keep you in the know on any new development regarding the player.

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