WSOP changes Bracelet Design

As the poker community awaits the start of the WSOP on May 28th, WSOP executive director Ty Stewart has announced that this year’s event will have a brand new bracelet design. The bracelet is up for grabs in all open events. The bracelet was designed by Jason Arasheben, a top notch jeweler based in Beverly Hills. Stewart revealed that the bracelet was designed based on the heritage associated with the WSOP events, and embodies the belief and values of the modern WSOP events.

The designer of the bracelet is an accomplished designer, and was given the onus of designing the championship rings won by the Los Angeles Lakers for the season 2009 and 2010. He has also worked with top personalities such as Michael Jackson, Justin Bierber, Hollywood Actors, and other celebrities. His was partly inspired to design the bracelet because he in his own right is a big fan of poker. He also added that he felt honored to design the bracelets which have already been termed as “priceless”.

Design of the Bracelet

The bracelet for the main events will feature bracelet designed using either black Diamonds or rubies. The bracelet will weigh 160 grams made up of fourteen karat gold and over thirty five flawless diamonds. The crème del crème of the bracelet is reserved for the main event. According to Arasheben, this bracelet is so valuable that it is “difficult to have the right price-tag on” but it is a six figure bracelet! This development will certainly act as a new incentive for players to deliver the best.