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WSOP ultimate prize: the coveted Bracelet

September 24, 2012 87 0

Poker hosts a wide variety of trophies and different types of recognitions to great players. The deal is that no trophy bears the elegance and charisma of the WSOP bracelet that goes to the absolute winner of the World Series of Poker. Even if in the present more than two hundred individuals have taken the prestige home, the novelty hasn’t gone anywhere. Still this bracelet marks the ultimate dream of thousands of professional poker players around the world. However, it’s almost impossible you get the chance to make it to the top place of the podium in this lifetime, competence is fierce. There is an incredible abundance of talent, but one must never lose hope, after all… someone does win it every year.

Two sides of the chip

There are two basic requirements that separate many players of the bracelet. One of these is the financial commitment. A huge investment must be done over the course of your poker career to get even far of getting the WSOP bracelet. We aren’t talking just of betting money, entering three of four qualified tournaments can require an investment of a few thousand dollars only in playing fees. Sum up hotels, food, transport, occasional souvenir for the kids and we are talking of a grand number of dollars.

The second requirement that comes in hand with money is time. These events can consume some days, so a flexible job is in order. Sum to this if you have a big family and things can get really complicated really fast.

What really matters

If it is your dream, we recommend you start pondering about what you really want. You may want to start your own poker legend or you may just want to have an achievement at the activity you love. The path of the poker player is one full of investments, either monetary or time investments. Its up to you to define the most important aspects of your life, what we recommend is: we sure of what you want before starting your own path.

Realistic Expectations

Here comes the time when a player must be honest about his own abilities. Some aren’t born with the ace poker player gene on their body, so acceptance of one’s condition is imperative. Chances are that the loans at the bank will only get bigger and nobody wants to live a life of debts. Realistic expectations are a necessary evil, even if it means to kill your dream. For many players it is enough just to say they were on the run for the bracelet. This is by no means a small achievement, to be on WSOP means you are part of the select group of poker masters around the world.

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