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Your guide to the Gibraltar Blackjack Tournament

October 19, 2015 93 0

Although the highly popular activity of blackjack has been with us for hundreds of years, it’s only recently that the card game has reached the level of being a true competitive spectator sport. And this November, blackjack will get one of its most high-profile outings with the Gibraltar Blackjack Tournament.

Tournament basics


The blackjack tournament takes place on the tiny, but atmospheric UK territory of Gibraltar at the southern tip of Spain. Not only does the location enjoy a wonderful climate, but its reputation as one of the gambling capitals of Europe has done much to build excitement around this prestigious tournament.

The main competition takes place on 14 November on the luxurious Sunborn Yacht Hotel that will see the four finalists competing for the impressive £10,000 guaranteed total. However, the qualifying rounds are already underway with many players competing to become the king of blackjack and get their name on the blackjack leaderboard. And though some names are already ahead of the rest of field, there is much to play for.

State of play


At the end of the second week of qualification, there have already been some serious prize winnings. Head of the leaderboard is Steven C. with an impressive £1,099 in winnings. But with two further weeks of intense blackjack gaming ahead, the cash payouts are expected to mirror the players’ increasing skill levels.

The guaranteed £5,000 for the competition winner has already led to some dramatic blackjack playing, with many competitors quick to take advantage of the £250 re-buy option to attempt to win a seat at the Grand Final table.

Bonus prizes


Not only is the £10,000 minimum pool an attractive enticement for the blackjack players, but the Gibraltar Blackjack Tournament has also thrown in some other prizes too. These take the form of being given a VIP tour of the best sights of Gibraltar, as well as the full star treatment with all flights, transfers, and drinking and dining taken care of by the competition organisers.

The week one winner Richard C. has already booked his place in the Grand Final with an impressive £1,311 winnings. And with just two weeks left of qualifying, it’s expected that demand for the final places will lead to some seriously skilful blackjack playing.

The tournament is expected to raise the profile of the game that will do much to match the incredible American blackjack exploits that have been reported at gambling hotspot Atlantic City. And despite the widespread global adoption of this compelling game, it looks like blackjack will enjoy a fantastic homecoming when it comes to Gibraltar on 14 November.

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