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With each passing day, more and more casino news regarding technological advances, globalization, massive communications platforms and fashion trends pertaning the casino industry arise in portals around the web. Originally a niche market, now the gaming industry has become a pillar of the economy of several countries. Online gaming could be described as one of the most profitable business in the web. In times when the global economy is facing great challenges, online casinos continue to increase their revenues

Economy Pillar

Presently many countries take the gaming industry as a major source of their economy. Take for starters UK, where some of the most successful online casinos, such as William Hill operate. Each passing day these online entities create more jobs opportunities and take under their wing new players. The velocity of their growth as a key business comes in hand with the massive expansion Internet has lived in the last 10 years.

A simpler example could be Las Vegas, a city whose name comes as a synonym of gaming. Las Vegas is a pinnacle of physical presence casino gaming. Take into account the huge amount of movies, videogames and novels that have taken advantage of the always relevant “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. The casino industry was already huge, but its online counterpart continues to grow, making many analysts think that it will eventually surpass its older brother.

Environmental and social projects.

Besides slots, lotteries are the most recognized gambling game in the world. Buy an X amount of tickets and you will have X chances of becoming an instant millionaire. All types of lotteries are usually run by the state or monopolized, delivering the profits to the government.  Sum to this taxing and the amounts of profit made are incredible. This money usually ends up being used for environmental and social projects, or sometimes it just increases the size of the government’s pocket. In conclusion, it’s a safe bet to say that lotteries are a big economic force in the finances of several countries.

The importance of online gambling and the profits it can make for a country is something that just recently has begun being taking seriously. You can always check our Casino News section, where we recently covered polemics in the Chinese gambling scene, as the ongoing tribulations in the USA.

10 billion dollars industry

Technological advances and global communication platforms in general, starting with television and continuing with personal computers, tablets, cellphone applications have helped spread the popularity of poker and other gambling. The availability of these games on the Internet has exponentially increased the number of players in the virtual world, sometimes even at the expense of physical presence casinos.

In the present the amount of value, considering gaming platforms, software development fees and other aspects related to the online casino world is valuated in more than 10 billion dollars.

What we now ask, how much more will this industry be able to grow?

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