10 Fundamental Casino Tricks

Taking into account there is no such thing as too much information, today we leave this list of casino tricks/hints players should consider before entering the premises of a casino. There are certain things that are crucial in order to maximize the casino experience, both for online casinos and land based casinos.

 Read the Rules

The first casino trick you can exploit to have an advantage is reading the rules. Yes, it may sound silly to read that on a casino blog, but players could be amazed to know how many people enters a casino knowing 0 and goes out having 0. Rules are an imperative; resist the temptation of throwing the dice at a game you don’t know.

Paying System

The second casino trick isn’t as obvious as the first one, but should always be considered. Every casino has a defined paying system, each with its own particularities. To prevent disappointment and frustration of what could be a great evening of gambling, check them out.

Look for a strategy

The third one is the charm they say, take this casino trick as the greatest piece of advice you ever read, a strategy is needed! Knowing all the rules isn’t enough, knowledge of a strategy to follow when playing is crucial to making the most out of your money. We have done many guides and strategy articles on our Casino Tricks and Tips section. If your thing is Blackjack, Poker, Roulette or online gambling in general, you are in for a treat.

The correct strategy

When we talk about methods strategies and other casino tricks for winning in casinos, it is commonly believed that everything is the same. You should always try to distinguish the real strategies from scam attempts and these… are everywhere. That player that says he has found a secure and infallible casino trick for winning in casinos is probably lying. A little common sense from your part will make toy realize that if someone discovered the secret, not the world nothing or he would be giving away the goose that lays the golden eggs.

The gambler’s fallacy

This fallacy is one of the most common one seen in casinos. It basically means players start making out conclusions based on non-logic happenings.  For example the belief that if the ball hits the red on roulette 10 times, it is just as likely it hits an eleventh time. When the casino player is driven by these beliefs he isn’t playing on a real basis and are risking more money account. Paste this phrase in your brain:  ”roulette has no memory” which agrees with reality as by a number that comes out several times in a row is as likely to leave the rest on the next roll.

In the next part we will also cover the online side of the casino equation, click 10/2 Fundamental casino tricks to get there.

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