2013 casino news – Revolution of Online Casinos?

Each passing year, online casinos are winning more and more territory in the gambling scene, as their offerings become more attractive and intuitive. So many of us, in the first days of February are wandering how will the online casino scene grow over the course of 2013?

Online Revolution?

Many experts are agreeing that the online casinos scene is going to present major changes in 2013. One of the main arguments behind this statement is the big number of countries that are starting to adopt online casinos policies to enable online gambling. This is a win/win situation for players, as it enables them to play more comfortably not proving them from a loved activity. It’s no casino news that new regulations and laws are being talked at this very minute in many countries, as with a proper regulation, states throughout the world could both monetize from online gambling and at the same time do a proper quality control.

Major Changes in 2012

In 2012, many casino news headlines were about European nations talking about the proper legislation of online poker. When trying to play poker online, lots of players face a great deal of obstacles in many countries. A select few of European nations tried to enable offshore poker, as to having no issue with control. On the other hand, other European nations wanted to ban access to foreign online poker sites, so players could only gamble online within the borders of their respective country.

Take for example the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, a world online poker authority. Their standards saw a big change in 2012, trying of create better online gamble environments for the players. Some casino news that resonated in early 2012 were how the commission was open to suggestions by compulsive gamblers as to regulate the scene to every kind of player.

Serious business model and 2013

The biggest casino news of 2012 was how many online poker sites went into a joint venture with financial service firms, to have a solid backup to the funds of every player. Some online poker sites that faced closure had problems with funds of player, not being able to supply the required amounts. This move done by online casinos is another sign in the right direction for the industry, as it shows how this business and gambling providers are stepping up their game to offer the best casino experience to all its players.

Experts agree that many of these changes have set upon the foundations for the solidification of the online casinos business in 20103, being this the way behind the upcoming revolution. As a casino blog, we sure are exited to see that changes lie upon the industry and we will surely keep you updated as the happen!

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