4 Landbased Casinos in Unusual Places

These days, it seems as if casinos are just showing up in a lot of places and it is even hard to think that a certain casino can possibly exist in a certain location. Las Vegas remains to be the top destination for a wide array of entertainment options and the gambling here is certainly one of the best attractions. The hotels, resorts and casinos that are dotting its streets have also gone through extra effort to attract more people to come and stay. Nevertheless, Vegas is not the only place to enjoy the thrills of a casino. There are, by far, more places that you can explore when you are in the mood for adventure.


Desert Cave Hotel Casino, Australia

Located in Coober Pedy in the middle of the desert in Australia, you cannot expect to see anything in the area. This is one reason why you wouldn’t expect to see a casino while you are in the desert but you will be surprised to see that there is an underground space that is both cool and airy and you can experience excitement too. Coober Pedy used to be a popular site for mining opal. One method that locals use in order to escape the unbearable heat is by living in dugouts and this same concept is used in constructing the casino. This underground hub is not only unique; it also offers an unforgettable experience.


The Venetian, Macau

The Venetian casino which is located in Las Vegas has grown in popularity and no one can deny that it is also one of the most popular resorts in the city. Macau’s version of Las Vegas Sands certainly one of the most popular. The casino complex here is one of the largest in the world and it is housed in one of the biggest buildings too. The design of the Venetian in Macau is similar to the one in Vegas and it comes complete with Venetian canals and the gaming space is really large. Gamers will certainly have a lot of fun while they are playing in the casino’s wide gaming space.


Genting Highlands Casino, Malaysia

This casino which has been dubbed as the “Funcity Above the Club” is legal as per Malaysian gambling laws and there is no denying that there is so much to look forward to while you are here. You will surely love the place and this casino can only be accessed by cable car. The place looks a lot like something from dreamland as it has brightly colored buildings and the aesthetics look a lot like something that you would expect from a theme park. As far as the view is concerned, the place overlooks a ravine and a jungle making you feel as if you are really in the clouds. Given the location of the casino, it is not surprising why a lot of urban legends are surrounding the place. It says that a lot of gamblers who lost lots of money in the casino decided to jump off the cliff.


Sun City Resort, South Africa

Located at the edge of an African Bush, a casino is the last thing that you would expect to see in the area. The Casino Hotel and complex here is not odd by itself although the location is one that you wouldn’t expect to see at the North West province of the country. A unique adventure awaits gamers who decide to pick this place to play a game and you can combine the excitement at the tables with the ultimate safari adventure where you can embark on a journey that will allow you to have a closer encounter with lions and elephants.

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