4 of The World’s Most Unusual Casinos

Casinos have been around for a long time. There role as a centre of leisure and amenity have worked their magic in attracting thousands of people to come through their doors and try their hands at classics like blackjack, craps, poker and more. As the years have gone on, the architectural design of casinos, as a way of competing with one another, have become fairly outlandish. Today’s modern casino can be anything from a theme park to an entire country-themed structures of rolling slot machines and the echo of clicking cocktail glass.

An unusual casino is an intriguing casino and something almost worth travelling the breadth of the world to see. Here are five rather unmissable ones.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Singapore has long been a leisure refuge for expats and westerners seeking rest and relaxation in Southeast Asia and beyond. In terms of casinos, it’s a country with a rather brief history of them, yet that’s not to say it doesn’t have some rather unusual examples.

Take, for example, the Marina Bay Sands, one of the first of two casino resorts ever built in Singapore back in 2010. Constructed to appear like a deck of cards, this casino has three tower stacks that lean out of the bay to create quite a striking look on the skyline.

Holland Casino, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Amsterdam is well known for its liberal attitude and its welcoming of people looking for something a little different from your more traditional city destinations. Fitting then, that inside it’s main gateway itself, that of Schiphol Airport, sits Holland Casino. One of the few casinos to exist in an airport terminal in the world, Holland Casino is pretty popular with over 18s looking to while away a bit of time by taking a chance waiting for their flight to depart.

Desert Cave Hotel, Australia

Situated in Coober Pedy, Australia, the Desert Cave Hotel is one unique and strangely weird casino option for the adventurous traveller out there. Sitting in the heart of the Australian outback, not far from the opal mines that provide underground relief from the baking sun, the Desert Cave Hotel is, unsurprisingly, popular with miners living in nearby underground dugouts.

Opened in 1988, Desert Cave is one of the oldest of casinos on this list but no less unusual thanks to its underground location.

Casino Palais Savarin, Prague

Another city well known for its wild nightlife and vibrant clubbing scene, Prague, capital of the Czech Republic, is home to the interesting Casino Palais Savarin. First built in the 18th century, the Casino Palais was renovated more extensively in the late 20th century to fit the famous Baroque style that a lot of Prague takes pride in.

Inside the casino itself you get to scale a massive staircase while looking overhead at frescoes and pretending as if you’re in one of the world’s most ornate classical art galleries on your way to the slots.


These casinos offer up an unusual slice of gambling action away from the more mainstream resorts dotted around the world. So next time you fancy a flutter check these out and get more from the experience than simply going all in with the chips.

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