6 Interesting Facts about the Biannual Ryder Cup

Who are the best golfers, Americans or Brits? A heated discussion will surely ensue as there are a lot of arguments for each side but one great way to tell, at least for now, would be to look at the Ryder Cup results. This cup has a lot of fans and it is definitely worth watching live especially when you have already booked your flight and your hotel and bought your travel insurance. But, before you continue on with learning more about the cup, here are some interesting facts about its history and how it came to be.

The cup was an invention of a wealthy British seed merchant

The man behind the goodwill cup between Great Britain and the US is actually the one who came up with the idea of selling seeds in penny packets or those small envelopes which are sold for a penny. Samuel Ryder definitely made a fortune from that innovative idea. His passion for golf was brought about by health concerns that prompted him to try the sport to get a good dose of fresh air and exercise. He used to pit amateur British and American golfers in the Walker Cup which inspired him to organize a Cup for professional golfers.

The man depicted in the Ryder Cup trophy is the founder’s friend and legendary golfer Abet Mitchell

Designed by the Mappin & Webb Company, the Ryder Cup is in the form of a chalice and there is a golfer at the lid. The cup made its first appearance in 1927 during the send-off of the British team who are bound for Worcester, Massachusetts for the First Ryder Cup. The figure atop the trophy actually represents the British golfer, Abe Mitchell who was the golf instructor and at the same time, a friend of the cup’s founder Samuel Ryder.

The cup stopped because of World War II

This biannual cup which was quite something to look forward to was stopped during the Second World War. No Cup was held in 1939 and the US still held the cup that it won in 1937. Even with the outbreak of the war which was all over Europe, the teams for the supposed cup was still named. The cup resumed on 1947 on the 7th meeting at the state of Oregon in Portland Golf Club.

The US team had an impressive spell of victory from 1935 to 1985

During the early part of the cup, victories rallied between US and Britain but things changed from 1935 up until the next 50 years. During this period, Europe had only won once which was a great achievement for US players.

The Ryder Cup was interrupted for a second time during the 9/11 attack

After World War II, the Ryder Cup continued without a hitch, but there was a second interruption that took place due to the terrorist attack at the United States on September 11, 2001. After the incident, the scheduled cup was moved to the next year, 2002. From then on, all succeeding cups have been scheduled on years ending in even numbers.

Ryder Cup locations are never permanent

One thing that makes this cup quite unique is that it is not held in one country or in one place. If you are a fan of golf, you will surely have a chance to enjoy various locations as the venue for the competition is never the same. So, you can expect to see a wide array of sites for the Ryder Cup.

There is no denying that the biannual Ryder cup competition is a thing of interest especially for people who are quite fascinated with golf.

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