8 fundamental advices for Poker Players

The way to the top isn’t without bumps in the road. To become a great poker player, challenges must me accepted, concentration must be embraced and eyes must be trained. The path will surely have its share of difficulties and that’s where the true spirit of the poker player raises. To try to combat this feeling of helplessness, we have for you 8 fundamental advices for poker players.

1. Learn to fold

Probably the most common mistake among the least skilled poker players. I cant count the times I head poker players say “I came to play poker, and I’ll bet” to see them a while later with an empty ballet and a frustrated grimace all over their face. The most basic formula of poker every pro takes into account is the following: More play = More lose. In other words, playing little is the smart way to go.

2. Scotch on the rocks is a no go

Scotch on the rocks is a no go If you have a soft spot for alcohol, we seriously recommend to avoid drinks. If don’t, you can have a drink to loosen up. The problem with drinks is that they detract your concentration, and then comes doom. Just remember how many times you saw a drunk poker player with a table full of chips.

3. Bluffs are a double edged sword

Many beginners think bluff is a fundamental part of poker. There are no rules to bluff successfully, even if there are players who do not enjoy the poker if not at least throw a bluff. Admittedly, the pleasure of bluffing without the strongest hand gives much pleasure. Bluff if necessary and always remember bluffs are a double edged sword, wield it with moderation.

4. Brave VS Plain Silly

It is incredibly wise to know when to retire. If you have a weak hand and you have chips in the pot, consider folding. There is no shame in loosing a little money. Pride is a hideous monster, don’t let it bite you. If there is no chance for the win, try again later.

6. Playing angry wont help

Playing poker to forget a bad day is not the best choice. Exitment, bad memories, a crappy experience at your job can all take your mind out of the game. This shows a lot in poker and other players may notice your emotional state and take advantage of it. Don’t give them the pleasure.

7. Fear of the impending action

This is one of the most essential poker advices we can give you. Take your time while choosing your next move, at least 10 seconds. Study the possibilities and different courses of action. Poker is a fast game, but being a fast player won’t help you or make you look cool, it will just give you an empty wallet.

8. Keep your friends close, keep your rivals closer

Always pay attention to what other players are doing. Weaknesses and small gestures can give you an interesting panorama on what the other player is about to do. The art of poker tell(ing) is one that takes time to master, but with practice you may improve your chances of doing an adequate read.

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