91-Year-Old wins $399,999 playing lottery in 2 months!

This is surely some of the most incredible casino news in this trimester. Imagine yourself playing a progressive slot with a huge jackpot. The rules of chance say that eventually, one player will get the lucky combination, therefore changing his life in many ways. Sometimes even more than a thousand players contribute to the jackpot, and any of them could take it home. Lottery is something like this, the difference is that you have a fixed sum of money ahead of you.

Lena Eaton is the lucky one

Of course, sometimes the rules of chance are more benign to some. This was the story of ninety one year old Lena Eaton, woman we could describe as the luckiest lottery player ever. Eaton currently resides in Indianapolis and in two months’ time of playing the Hoosier Lottery, she won the hefty amount of $399,999.

The Indianapolis Star reported that Eaton won $300,000 by playing a Quick Draw lottery ticket. According to the star, the chances of this happening were of one in 8.9 million. Just take a minute to ponder that you could play every week for 500 years and never win. Sometime later, Eaton bought a scratch-off ticket for the fair amount of $5.  This ticket marked another win, giving her $99.999. The odds in this case where of 646,000 to one.

Impossible Chances

If you take the time to do the complicated math work involved, you can reach an interesting number, which marks the exact odds that Eaton had of winning in both lotteries. We run a casino news blog, so we are always up to the challenge. We remind you that this is without even taking into account the fact that the feat was done in a two month period. The amount of chances Eaton had was one in 5.7 trillion.

ABC News tried to contact what we could call the luckiest great grandmother in all USA, but they couldn’t get in touch with her. Hopefully some casino news portal will get to interview Eaton soon, as it’s unprecedented for a senior citizen to make a win like this.

Winning Aftermath

What is known is that Eaton plans to give a little make over to her house, including a brand new bathroom. This will include many other home improvements. She will also use some of the money to travel and to help her family. This information was given by Lottery Officials, which were in charge of the whole transaction.

Eaton shared with the Indianapolis Star “I’ve got good kids. It’s been a pleasure being able to help them,”

We can only wish she tells us her secret so next time we play lottery.. we are the next 1 in 5.7 trillion to win

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