A Day in the Life of a Casino Dealer

You are a casino regular. Though you’re not a high roller, you gamble respectable sized bets every now and then. You have formed friendships with other regulars such as yourself, and call the casino employees on a first-name basis. You know the ins-and-outs of the casino environment like the back of your hand.

But have you ever wondered how casino dealers- an important lifeblood of any gambling establishment, aside from the customers- go about their day? It is kind of ironic that the job of these people are almost always overlooked and underappreciated when they are the ones who make the casino’s operations go round.

The Training

You just don’t pick anyone who can deal cards off the street and install him/her as an official casino dealer. All dealers undergo rigorous training where they learn the rules and play strategies of casino games, plus the proper etiquette need to deal with players in various levels of intoxication. They could be trained by the casino that they were hired in, or they can embark on a dealer education on their own by shelling out money for casino games courses. These “casino schools” would sometimes help out students in securing jobs at partner casinos.
Newbie dealers start out in small gambling establishments first before working for more prominent casinos in the Las Vegas area. The reason for this is that large casinos such as the Bellagio require their dealers to possess at least a significant amount of experience before having them on the floor. Some of the people who frequent Las Vegas casinos are high-rollers and known cardsharks who play in a manner that is wholly different from weekend casino-goers.

And for major events such as the World Series of Poker, the dealers who will be assigned to the tables need to be prepared for a huge amount of stress. The plays are fast, and there will always be disgruntled players who will have a hard time accepting defeat and the loss of their bankrolls.

Having known the hard work that the dealers put in just to make sure you’ll have a great time playing, it’s about time that we treat these people with more respect and appreciation.

1. If you’re having a bad run at the tables, never vent your frustrations out at the dealer. S/he doesn’t have control on what cards you receive or the hands that you’ll be playing. You’re either a good player or a bad player, it’s as simple as that.

2. Be friendly and civil towards the dealer for the entirety of his/her shift. Standing for hours on end while handling cards and irate players can be a very demanding job. Engage the dealer in petty conversation if you can, it’ll go a long way.

3. Tip, even if you’re losing. Most of the dealers’ income is derived from the tips that they receive during their shift. If you really want to put a smile on the dealers’ faces by the end of the day, tip generously.

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