A review of some of the most popular slots machines games

The game of slots is the backbone of the casino industry. It is what has turned the casino industry to a billion dollar industry. In short, it is the best thing that ever happened to the gambling fraternity.  It is hard to imagine that slots machines were once a secondary attraction in many casinos, now it accounts to approximate 70% of all the casino activities.

The popularity of slots for fun has been on an upward increase in the past couple of years because of the combination of the following factors: it is easy to learn, colorful graphics, no intimidation of new players, the probability of winning a life-changing jackpot with a small bet, and the excitement the game generates among other factors. That said, there are some slot machine games that are favored more compared to others. This article reviews some of the slot machines.

Elvis slots

This game was named after the legendary musician Elvis Presley. Since its introduction, the game has grown in popularity. Elvis was the king of the 70’s, and Elvis slot machine is the undisputed king in progressive slots currently. This game is developed by IGT. The starting point for this slot machine is $100,000 making it one of the best paying in the industry. If you get a bonus round in this game, the machine plays one of the Elvis hits. This machine is very generous and up to a thousand coins can be won at a round. The machine was launched in Las Vegas, which was the place to be when Elvis was alive as he held regular performances there.

I love Lucy slot machines

I love Lucy created by IGT is a type of progressive slots machine game that is part of a big network of progressive slots machines. These slots game has three reels, and twelve-line slots extravaganza. The jackpot for this slot game starts at an amazing $300,000 and often ends in half a million range, which is an impressive investment for a 60-cent investment. This game is an interesting game even if it would translate to millions of dollars on your part.

Harley Davidson slots

This slot machine game is meant for the gaming rebel. This game is inspired by the biker culture that is well captured in the game. The qualifying ledger for this game is less than a dollar, and the starting progressive slots are $50,000. The highest pay for this game was $7,440,000. The game is still new, but has nonetheless attracted many fans.

Elvira slots

This slot is based on “Elvira” an actress who host a horror movie show in the 1980’s and 1990’s.The beauty with this game is that every time someone plays on this game, the progressive jackpot increases. This game holds the record of having the highest ever-paying jackpot slot at $3.2 million. It will also interest you to know that this form of slot game is a mega jackpot instant winner and you get the money immediately your identity has been verified.

Megabucks slots

This slot version targets gamblers who love pay lines. Megabucks slots is a five reel, 60-payline machine offering huge progressive jackpots. In fact, they are the largest slots jackpots on earth. There jackpots range from $8 million to $39 million. This form of slot has gained popularity has it combines the elements of lottery and slots.

Wheel of fortune

This slot machine game is based on the popular wheel of fortune. This game holds the record as the best played slot game in Las Vegas. Wheel of fortune is found in the following variation: 5reel, 3reel, and video variation. This game is developed by the international gaming technology IGT.

Final thought

Whereas, popularity is a relative term, the above are deemed popular due to the high number of players playing them. Other popular slots games include: Latino Machino Slots, The Price is Right Slots, Bewitched Slots, Sim Slots – Simslots, Loose Slots, High Roller Slots,  Best Odds Slots, and Best Payouts Slots.

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