Abandoned Casinos with Dazzling Histories

Casinos are deemed to be really sophisticated and opulent places where you can make or break your fortune but it doesn’t end there as there remains to be a lot of things that you still have to learn about these places. One of the harsh realities in the gambling industry is that not all casino projects make it to the cut and not all gaming establishments operate for a long time. There are some abandoned casino projects and old casinos which have been abandoned for several reasons. Just like any gambler’s fate, some casinos remain to dazzle but others are left rotting and abandoned primarily because of funding issues. Here are some of the abandoned casinos all over the world which will surely make you see that not even the gaming halls will stay glittering and shining forever.

Penthouse Adriatic Casino, Croatia (Yugoslavia)


With the hopes of lifting the Iron Curtain during the Cold War, Bob Gucionne, owner of the Penthouse Magazine invested $45,000,000 in order to build a 5-star casino inside the Haludovo Palace Resort Hotel in what used to be Soviet Yugoslavia in the Adriatic Island of Krk. This extravagant casino opened its doors in 1972. Despite the affluence and the decadence that this place offered, it never lasted for more than a year. Daily, enormous amounts of caviar, lobster and hundreds of champagne bottles are consumed while guests mill around the gaming tables or hang out in the pools, hanging gardens and fountains in the vicinity. The next year, the casino closed its doors due to bankruptcy although the hotel only shut down after two decades after Yugoslavia’s Civil War.

Jubilation Riverboat Casino, Mississippi, USA


This boat wasn’t always a casino as it used to be a ferry that brought passengers from New Bedford to Nantucket and it was known as SS Nantucket. The boat had a few good years and it even made an appearance in the movie Jaws in 1975 and from December of 1993, the vessel became the Cotton Club Riverboat and Casino and operated for about 2 years. The name was changed to Jubilation when the vessel moved to Lakeshore but the place was shut down because it wasn’t doing too well and it didn’t meet the requirements of the gaming commission.

Casino di Consonno, Italy


This casino is not the only abandoned structure in the place as it is sitting in a really charming hillside in Italy which is deemed to be a ghost town. Located just a few minutes from Milan, the village used to be really lively with hundreds of inhabitants until the area was sold to Count Mario Bagno in 1962. The count visualized the place to be a recreation of Las Vegas in Italy and he demolished all buildings in the area except for the local San Maurizio church and the casino. Unfortunately, the Count’s plans didn’t come to fruition and the abandoned casino now sits neglected and battered by the elements as it sits quite serene on its perch which is overlooking Lake Como.


Closed and boarded up, casinos which used to hold boisterous laughter and witnessed the change of fortunes are no longer the opulent places that they used to be. These abandoned places are certainly a thing of fascination as it makes people feel that they have to look to these examples as they listen to the colorful history behind these abandoned buildings. There are certainly more casinos which have been abandoned from different places all over the world and ironically, the reason for shutting down operations is almost always bankruptcy. Indeed, it is quite dismal for a gaming hall to have cash problems.

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