Advice on Where to Play Poker Online

Wondering on where to play poker?

If you are one of the many players who are yet to find where to play poker, then you have arrived at the right place. There are two types of poker rooms’ available: the “brick and mortar” casino and online casinos. Read on as we detail on how they operate, including their pros and cons.

Online poker rooms

To get into an online poker room, you need to first sign up with an online casino. You will then be given a user name and other login details. Some casinos have an option of playing the game directly from their website while in some online casinos, you will have to download the game software and install it into your compute for you to play. If you are new to poker, it is advisable to start playing the game online since many casinos have incentives to new players including bonuses that are not available in the brick and mortar casino. One obvious advantage of online poker rooms is the fact that players do not sit close to each other and thus the ability of another player to read your body language and other reactions to their advantage is eliminated. However, you need to focus on the following not is caught off guard when playing:

• Your opponent betting pattern
• The reaction time
• The speed of play
• Chat box
• Opponent fold and flip percentages

If you want convenience, then online poker rooms is the best. The rate of playing is fast compared to offline casinos. The delay occasioned by the dealer when they shuffle, and collect the cards is eliminated. Playing online are also relatively cheaper as online casinos try to outwit each other in attracting new customers to their platform. Online poker rooms also come with disadvantages. Some of the disadvantages are

• Insider cheating- when a player having access to the system skew the game to their advantage.
• Collusion- players can collude among themselves to defraud unsuspecting players by changing the tide of the game.
• Defrauding- some online poker rooms are meant to defraud potential clients by making it difficult for them to win. With this fact, only sign up with reputable casinos to prevent loss of money.

“Brick and mortar” poker rooms

In the brick and mortar casino, you have to have a given threshold of players for the game to be played. Players sit opposite each other as the game is played and as a player you are not supposed to play until the player on your right acts. There is no much difference compared to the online version of the game. Compared to the online version, this game is slow as the dealer takes time to shuffle cards and distribute them to players. To increase your earnings in a poker room, you increase the limit, by doing this you attract high quality players to the game. In online poker rooms, a player increases his/her earnings by playing more tables. Playing more than one table at a time is not physically possible offline.

When playing the game offline, it is the responsibility of the players to protect their cards. You do this by placing a chip on top of your card. If it happens that your cards get mixed up with another player when they throw their cards, your hand is declared as dead.

Final thought

Online poker room is the best place to start to start playing if you are a novice to the game. However, if you have mastered the poker rooms rules and the right poker rooms tips, try playing offline, you will have more fun, and all present in a casino hall.


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