Amazing bingo records of all time

There have been some remarkable and out-of-the-ordinary world records attempted over the years. World records in bingo too is not an exception. Be it land-based bingo or the online counterpart, the flourishing industry is no stranger to the popular world records. Let’s take a look at some of them attempted by the bingo industry.

Largest jackpot ever won

The largest pot ever scooped was by a 60 year old, former factory working in an online bingo site. John Orchard had spent just 30p and ended up winning a staggering £5.9 Million. He was obviously thrilled to break all bingo records. This life-changing win of his, flipped everything around him.

So far his win has been the biggest and the most massive one recorded. Money surely can’t buy you happiness, but your outlook on life definitely changes. What wouldn’t we do with a sum like that,eh?!

Largest game of bingo

Since 2006, this record stood strong. In Bogota, Colombia, a well know shopping chain held the largest game of bingo which involved a massive 70,080 crowd of players in an event. A whopping $250,000 cash prize plus apartment gifts and Exito vouchers were given out. So far no one could break this long standing record.

Largest Online Bingo Game

In the autumn of 2010 in Tokyo, the popular beverage brand Coca Cola took all the accolades by setting a new world record in the online bingo space. The largest online bingo game was organized by Coca Cola which involved 493,824 participants on 3rd September, 2010.

Highest Bingo Game

Yes. You’ve read that right. So before you start scratching your head, here’s what the record was about. A group of 24 employees from an online bingo company, were hoping to raise £1 Million for Sue Ryder charity. The devoted employees embarked on a journey to climb 17,500 above the sea level and play a game of bingo on the Mt. Everest. It was a rip-roaring success and the volunteers were incredibly proud when they finally were able to make it till the end.

Largest set of bingo balls

This has been a recent bingo record made in United Kingdom. An online bingo site set a new world record by creating the biggest bingo balls ever and played street bingo on the sets of the popular soap opera Coronation Street. The event was done to raise money, awareness and encourage men not to shy away from checking bowel, prostate, and testicular cancer. The bingo ball measured 60.1cm. They used 90 balls and managed to raise a whopping £10,000 for the charity.

With records like these, bingo has surely come a long way. Online bingo is a great fun. The community spirit and social aspects of the game contributes to its success and adoration. If you are yet to experience the delights of this game, there are loads of exciting online bingo sites to try out. There are sites wherein you can register and get no deposit bonuses. Sites likes GameVillage Bingo give £10 no deposit bonus. So try a free play, before making any commitment. Check it out.

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