Atlantic City casino news – in-room hotel casino!

It’s no casino news that gambling has broken many frontiers, as a form of entertainment that can appear almost anywhere. Today we offer you the latest scoop, as blasting away some bets on a Sky Casino is suddenly too retro. Atlantic City casino industry has done a fair effort to reclaim the media and the public… now luring gamblers back into their territory with what we shall call one incredibly comfortable gambling experience promise.

In-room intimate casino experience

The Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, located at the heart of New Jersey, believes this new venture of theirs will mark some sort of revolution within the industry. Several casino news headlines about this venture can be found throughout fellow casino blogs around the web, so it certainly has provided much talk around the scene. This in-room gambling service will let gambling enthusiasts bet amounts of money with a maximum of $2,500. This will be made directly from their hotel room, requiring no contact of the player with the outside world. Forget about taking a shower or putting a nice perfume, now you will play directly from the bed

This special feature has been added to each television of their hotel rooms, so players will be able to gamble away in different online slots games directly from the television. Poker fanatics shouldn’t worry, as they will  be able to play poker and video poker from thee bed. The casino news here is the search the comfort level the hotel is offering, letting players play from their room. Many don’t feel like going to the floor, with all the lights and sounds, giving this experience a more intimate approach on the casino experience.

Tom Balance & Online casino scene

Tom Balance, current CEO of the Borgata commented “This puts us in a position to leverage the technology into true mobile gaming and Internet betting later on. We’re moving forward with the future of gaming, and this is that first step.”

With all the controversy behind the online gambling scene within USA, the approach Borgata has taken is seen as many industry analysts as bold and incredibly intelligent. It’s no casino news how many gambling entities have fallen for trying to grasp too much, in an industry where small steps are often seen as a waste of time. Online gambling laws in New Jersey broke major boundaries last year, making 2013 the candidate year to the birth of operational online casinos within the great state.

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