Atop the Stairway to Baccarat Master 2

Here we leave the second part of the Stairway to becoming a  Baccarat Master. It would be our pleasure that you start perfecting your game taking into account our advices. For the ones that didn’t get to see the first part, enter to Stairway to Baccarat Master 1 for more invaluable tips to improve your game.

Avant Dernier

Avant Dernier basically mean “before last”, which is exactly what you should do. Always bet on the winner of the hand before the last one, and make the bet on him, may it be the banker or a player.  For example if the last winning order is Banker, Player, Banker, you should bet on the player.

Win = 1/2 more the next bet

Another perspective when playing that some players use is that every time they win a hand, they make the next bet a half larger than the one before. If you loose, you bet your standard amount. For example, if your standard amount are $20 dollars, bet $20 dollars. Should  you win, you will bet a 1/2 more of your standard  bet, leaving your next bet on $30 dollars. Imagine that you loose that hand, you simply go back to your standard amount, $20 dollars.

Where you play is Key

Something imperative to take into account when playing Baccarat is knowing where to play. Depending on the place, the Casino Privilege may be greater or smaller. Usually you can find an 5% commission, but if you look carefully, you can find lower ones. In some places there is a commission of 4%, and in other, you can even find 2.75%.

If you eager to know more of the game and its mechanics, you can head to this Begginers Guide. A crucial rule when playing any casino game is that the basics are always of utter importance.


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