Australian Government might succumb to pressure on legalizing online poker

The American poker industry pressure on their government seems not to yield any tangible results, but down under in Australia, It looks like the government might just succumb to the pressure of legalizing online poker. Things certainly look better for the Australian gambling industry, as the legalization of online poker will attract more poker companies to the industry.

Site for US based players:

The pressure on the Australian government is exerted by among others Andrew Twaits. Andrew is one of the biggest online betting operators in the country. He argues that if the government decides to regulate the industry it will result in the following benefits for the stakeholders in the industry: The large number of poker players will be protected from fraud, increase in revenue to the government, and the online poker operators will be protected from undue pressure legal obstacles that only work in stifling the growth of their businesses.

A lesson from the US market:

Many online poker players in Australia are of the opinion that the government should learn lessons from the United States in order to prevent the industry from collapsing. Addressing the issue, Andrew, had this to say,“It is encouraging to see both the federal and state government dealing with this issue on a united front, but the present legislation does not favor the advancement of online poker”

He further said that he was in the opinion that the Australian government need to control this industry in a better manner given the potential of the industry adding that the turnover for the industry was over $300 million per year, and if the industry was to be regulated, it will help in eliminating illegal online activities which will increase the revenues tremendously both for the government, and stakeholders in the poker industry.

Leading Australian gambling companies such as Sporting bet, sports books sport bet, and center bet have joined Andrew in his efforts of having online poker legalized.

Status of online poker in Australia:

Online poker is still a thorny issue in Australia, but this has not deterred some of the best online poker companies from setting base in the country. This in turn has attracted many people into gambling. The Australian poker industry although big still has an immense potential to grow, in fact it is one of the new frontiers for poker. Some of the most popular online poker companies in Australia are: Titan poker, 888 poker, Poker stars, and party poker. These sites are favored by many poker lovers as they provide a bigger variety of poker events, great bonuses, and winning is not that hard.

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