Beginners guide for learning bingo

The game of Online Bingo is one of the most interesting games available today. It has all that you can look for in a game- fun, suspense, and the chance of winning a prize. You only need to enter a bingo hall to experience the atmosphere. If you are new to the game and wondering how you can learn how the game is played worry no more, this beginners guide for learning bingo will equip you with the basic you need to learn the game. It is imperative to note that the game of bingo is all about luck and chances are that you can win a prize in your first game- it’s that simple.

Learning the basics of Online Bingo

The game of bingo can be played online or offline. Online; the game is played by first registering in a site offering bingo. Offline; the game is played in bingo halls. Online bingo games are increasingly becoming popular due to the fact that they are convenient, available 24/7 and offer high bonuses in comparison to offline casinos. The game is available in two versions: the American version, and the British version. The American version is played using 75 balls while the British version is played using 90 balls.

Despite the variations in the number of balls, the two game versions are regulated by the same rules. A bingo caller, is in charge of the game, and without the caller, the game is unplayable both offline and online. To play bingo, you need to have a marker commonly known as the daubing. The daubing is used to mark the cards as the caller calls the numbers obviously in the online mode no marker is needed. As a beginner, never rush when learning how to play the game. Join online forums, and discuss the game with seasoned players and practice more.

Passes of the game

The first step in playing online bingo is purchasing the bingo cards. Bingo cards have numbers on them on a 5×5 grid that corresponds to the word B-I-N-G-O. There is no limit on the number of cards you can purchase, but is it is advisable to purchase only the ones you are comfortable with. This will minimize on time wastage and improve on concentration. Once all the players have the cards, the caller randomly calls the numbers. The players are supposed to cross on the numbers called. As this is done, and lucky you form the predetermined pattern. You must shout “BINGO”.

By shouting bingo, essentially you are telling the bingo caller and by extension the rest of the players that you have the correct combination. The caller or will then verify if your bingo call is valid. In situations where two players shout BINGO, the prize is equally divided between the two players. In the American version of bingo, players have three chances of winning prizes when the correct lines are ticked before a player shouts bingo whereas, in the British version only the prize is claimed when the full house is achieved by a player.

Online Bingo Caution

Online bingo popularity is growing with each passing day, and as such there are many websites offering bingo games. This, however, should not make you sign up with any flashy website out-there. Behind some of this website are scams only interested at ripping you off your money. With this fact, go an extra length in determining the legitimacy of the site. Otherwise, learn to enjoy the game in all its glory, if you don’t win, review your game, play more, learn the tips of the game and hopefully a time will come when you say “bingo”.

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