The best casinos in the world

If you love playing casino games or slot machines, or if you just like the general buzz and excitement that a night out at a great casino can entail, then you might be interested in our list of some of the world’s best casinos. It’s difficult to select one casino over the other, but while all casinos generally follow a similar format, offer similar games, and strive to create the kind of atmosphere where you might run into a James Bond or Danny Ocean kind of character, there are some casinos who seem to be able to elevate this universal experience into something a bit special and sexy. In no particular order here are some of our favourites.

Park Hyatt Mendoza, Argentina


Argentina may not automatically be top of your list when you are thinking about the world’s gambling destinations but the Park Hyatt Mendoza is a pretty special casino resort experience. The facade of the hotel is a relic from Argentina’s colonial past, and within the modern complex that sits behind it you will find a multi-level casino that oozes the kind of effortless glamour that attracts the big money from around the world.

Ibiza Gran Hotel, Spain


Ibiza is an island that can mean many things to many people. There are the hard-core clubs for the young party-goers, there are the glamorous bars and restaurants for the more sophisticated, there are stunning beaches that are generally fairly family friendly, and there is the old town with its narrow streets and historic charm. Over looking the port of Ibiza, playing a few games in the casino at the Ibiza Gran Hotel is a stylish was to spend your evening. The Texas Hold’Em poker tournaments are quite famous here – arrive on your yacht and ensure that the eyes of the world are on you.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


The casino at Marina Bay Sands is big – 500 gaming tables and 2,300 slot machines – but Marina Bay Sands is big in every sense of the word. This enormous complex of three towers (connected by what almost looks like a stranded ship connecting the top) defines the Singapore skyline. The pool at the of the complex makes this casino worth a visit in itself – a huge infinity pool that spans the three towers – an ambitious concept that is eye-catching and memorable.

Sun City, South Africa


This is a resort casino that really sets the standard. As well as a huge casino space, the sun city resort is so big and so full of activities and things to do that you really won’t ever want to leave. If you do fancy some adventure then the adjacent National Park and Game Reserve is the place to see all of Africa’s magnificent animals in their natural habitat.

There is a lot more to casinos than just casino games and slot machines. Some of the best casinos in the world are stunning destinations in their own right and definitely worth a visit.

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