Bet 365 – Practical poker software for pc

While poker isn’t the most complex game in the earth, there many factors involved while playing. That’s why poker software for pc can come as an awesome way to lighten the your work load as you will need to evaluate your opponents next move all the time. This means the player has to be constantly paying attention. It comes as no surprise that poker is considered one of the most stressful casino games. Almost every sense must be put into play in order to get the best result. Even experts need a hand sometimes…

If depending on a poker software for pc is not your thing, you can always head to our always reliable smart poker tips coverage to improve your experience. Although, our personal recommendation after using this poker software for pc is that you give it at least a try. Sometimes a fresh perspective can help the player to improve their gaming… and it is FREE, but more on that later.

Bet 365 – practical poker software for pc

That has ended today, in a way, with a new application by the kind people of Bet365 Poker. They officially have launched the so called “Bet365PokerPal” poker software for pc application. Its objective is to present the player relevant and updated data with relevant information which will improve the player experience.

The application is currently available to download and for free. If you click HERE, you will get to the main downloading page. Bet365 Poker will take a tiny part of your hard drive and it works in a very fast manner, so don’t worry if you are low on RAM. After a quick installation, the Bet365 image will quietly sit on the desktop of the computer, while the player haves fun with his favorite poker games.

Words of the creators

Here we leave a brief description made by the creators of this awesome little cybernetic poker software for pc:

“It consists of several elements including Hand Strength Strip, Win Percentage and Hole Cards Group Indicator, which appear automatically around your table and you can customize the layout to suit your personal preference,” read a statement from Bet365 Poker.

“Download Bet365PokerPal today and use it the next time you play poker to see the effects. It’s available on all hold’em tables including cash tables, scheduled tournaments and sit-and-go and works with all currencies.

“So choose Bet365 for your poker play and improve your game with Bet365PokerPal.”

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