BlackJack Guide for Beginners

Blackjack also known as the “twenty one” is a game played in a casino where a player compares his card with the dealer cards. According to historical sources, the game was introduced in the 17th century. Blackjack came into prominence due to the work of the great Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes. Cervantes was a gambler and it was only natural that his gambling habits found its way into his passion of literature. The game received a cold reception when it was first introduced to the United States. To attract interest to the game, many gambling houses offered high bonuses. The popularity of the game has since improved to the game it is today. This Blackjack guide for beginners will introduce you with the first steps to get started today.

Basics of BlackJack

The game is played using 52 cards. At the beginning of a game, a player is issued two cards. However, there is an option of drawing the card to a total value of 21 or less or a lesser value. With the cards, a game is played with one to eight ordinary cards. Cards are ranked two to ten score according to their face value. The cards are ranked in the following way

• All face cards have 10 points
• Aces are semi-wild and are worth one or eleven
• Any 10 point card is known as a blackjack
• A winning play jack will pay you three to two

How BlackJack is played?

The game of black jack starts when each player places a bet in the circle or a logo in front of him. The dealer then gives each player and himself two cards. The player cards are usually given face-up. However, only one dealer card is dealt face-up (up-card) while the other is dealt face down (hole card). In the case that a dealer has a ten or an ace as the face up, it is possible that he has a blackjack. In a case that a dealer has an ace as the up-card, the dealer allows the players to insure against the black jack. This acts as an insurance policy to the players against any eventually. In the case that a dealer has an ace and a player has an ace, the dealer might be prompt to ask “even money?” This is because of the fact that if a player has a black jack the net result of both the insurance bet and the black jack results in an even money regardless of whether a dealer has a black jack or not.

Some player decisions

The following decisions can be taken by players when playing a game of black-jack.

Hit – the action of taking another card from the dealer. To signify a hit, a player taps the table with a finger. If the game is a single deck game, a player simply scrapes the cards lightly against the felt.


Taking no more cards, this action is also known as the “stand pat” or the “stay”

Double down

In a double-down, a player is allowed to increase the initial bet by almost 100% after exchanging a stand after receiving one more card.


A split is only applicable if two cards have the same value. In a split, a player can split the cards into two hands.


Surrender is only available during the first decision at end. When a player surrenders, the house takes half the players bet and returns the rest to the player. This effectively terminates the player interest at hand. Early surrender, is advised because a player is given protection against the dealers black jack.

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