Blackjack tips

Black jack is one of the few poker tips that not only require skills, but also luck for a player to be victorious. Skills come through lots of practice, where as a player you learn from your mistakes as you continuously improve on your game. This article will equip you with some of important Blackjack tips that if factored into your game will see you improve on your game and hopefully, walk home with some money on a regular basis.

Online blackjack tips

When playing blackjack online, do the following:

• Only sign up with reputable casinos. The best way of checking whether a casino is reputable is by confirming if the casino has eCOGRA certification. eCOGRA is the official internet gaming watchdog that is mandated to ensure fair play among other ethical gaming regulations.

• Opt for a casino having a wide selection of games. This is advised by the fact that there is no game that perfectly fits every player. To increase on your chances of winning, you should try different samples of the game to confirm which game best suits you

• Only sign up with an online website that has a functioning, customer service, good graphics, and has a well developed user interface.

• Learn the blackjack basic strategy. This is like the blackjack bible that should be followed to the latter if you want to learn all the details concerning the game.

• If you are in a winning streak increase your bet and not vice-versa.

Blackjack tips when playing the game offline

• Always have a limit on how much you are going to gamble before you start gambling. This will prevent you from losing more than you can afford.

• Select a blackjack table where the minimum is not more than 5% of your predetermined playing total.

• Before you select a table, determine if the rules allows players to double down on the two cards. Also go for a table that makes it possible for the dealer to make a stand on the soft 17

• Always hit when you have a sixteen. This increases the chances of getting a four or five versus a face up card or a higher card. This is one of the defensive moves.

• When you are playing a multiple deck jack, only use the surrender option whenever you have a total of 15 and the dealer’s face up card is a 10

• You should double down in the following situations:

(i) When you have a count of 11 and the dealer shows an ace or a 10

(ii) If you have a count of 10 and the dealers card is a nine or less

(iii) If you have a count of 9 and the dealer card is between two are eight

(iv) If you either have a soft of 15 or 16 and the dealer has a 4,5 or 6

• If you want to split pairs, it should follow the following blackjack tips:

(i) Split only a pair of aces or 8s. Doing this will split the 8s breaking up the 16. Which is not a good hand

(ii) Never split 4s, 5s, and the 10s

(iii) If the dealer has a 3 through 7 go ahead and split your 7

• Try to think on the 21. Your aim in playing the blackjack is to get as close as 21. Never try to copy or beat the dealer.

• Vary your variation according to the key. Your betting amounts should be varied with respect to your results. Increase them when winning and do the vice versa when loosing.

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