Casino Deposit Methods

Whether you’re a regular on the online casino scene or a first-time gamer making a deposit into your account has never been easier for those who like to play in the Betfair Casino.

When you’ve set up your Betfair account – which takes less than five minutes – you’ll be guided to the deposit screen where you can find a large variety of methods to make a deposit.

The methods range from simply typing in your card details to using one of Betfair’s online money-transfer services; a direct bank transfer to even paying by cheque if that is your preferred method.

Probably the most effective casino deposit method is to use your credit or debit card. Simply provide a few details about the card and the cardholder’s name and you’re ready to begin depositing funds.

Why this method is so useful is that Betfair stores your card to your account, meaning you don’t have to input the same details every time you want to deposit and withdraw cash. It’s quick and easy to use and the funds arrive securely into your account almost instantaneously.

You may also be asked by your bank to provide choice digits from your online banking password. This is an extra security feature many banks have in place and helps to ensure you are in control of your money.

If you prefer to use online money-transfer systems to keep track of your cash then Betfair’s three partners – PayPal, Skrill and NETeller – are all set up to provide you with quick access when depositing into your account.

In order to take advantage of these services you need to either already have an account with them or create one when depositing funds.

A direct bank transfer option is available, can take up to three days to complete and has a £10 minimum deposit; while the address for where to send cheques can be found on the Help page.

The reason why so many deposit methods are on offer is so you don’t waste time waiting around and you choose which one suits you. At the end of the day you want peace of mind when playing in the online casino and with Betfair there are few easier ways to get you started.

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