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There are different casino tricks all aimed at maximizing on their profits. If you are not careful when you step into a casino, you will definitely fall into this trap in the process you are parted with your money. This article, details some tips to help you be more vigilant in the casino, which complements our blog entry of the top casino tricks guide.

Before we explore on the tips to shield you against casino trips, it is important to list some of the tricks casinos use towards their objectives.

Majority of casinos use the following tricks:

• Free booze
• Freebies
• Location of services
• Ambiance
• Music

Tips on avoiding casino tricks:

• Tip on alcohol

If you are to drink alcohol, always know your limit. The alcohol offered in a casino is never “free” as implied. If you go overboard and spoil your-self with the alcohol you will end up losing as your judgment will be impaired.

• Tip on bankroll

Before you start gambling on any game, it is important to write your bankroll before you start playing. This will act as a measure in controlling how much money you are going to spend and thus prevent you from spending more than had been anticipated. As a rule of thumb, you should always consider the money you bet with lost before betting.

• Tip on distortion of time

You will definitely not find a watch in a casino. This is a well calculated move to ensure that you spend as much time as possible in a casino. Make it a habit to always have a watch with you when you visit the casino. You should note the time you entered into a casino and the time you expect to leave a casino. This way, you will save on the time spent in the casino and save money that could have otherwise been lost.

• Tip on freebies

It’s okay to accept freebies but, this should not lead to you losing money. Casinos are operated by very intelligent people who know how to make you stay in a casino for a longer time and also return their on a daily regular. The best way of regulating on freebies is through personal discipline remember that you are going to a casino to have fun, and not be rewarded. Having fun and the possibility of getting a price should override all the other benefits.

• Tip on close-shaves

“I almost made it”….is a common phrase common in many casinos. Any moment, this phrase is made is equivalent to money lost. Don’t belong to this bandwagon. If you are not winning any games, it is wise to take a break, review on your strategies, and return to play another day when you are better prepared. This way you will save on your money and time.

• Tip on location of services

Walk into many of the casinos and you will be surprised to find that essential services such a bathroom facilities and other places where you can get something to eat is far away from the gambling area. This is not done by mistake, but to keep you in the gambling area for as long as possible meaning that you will gamble more than you had anticipated. To avoid this trick, make it a point of visiting the bathroom before you start to play, and if possible grab something to eat in the casino before coming to the casino.

• Tip on music, and entertainment

Your primary reason for coming to the casino is to have fun by gambling and possibly winning. Listening to music or getting entertained should be secondary.

Check for more tips and tricks in our guide for casino tricks and tips.

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