Cheating slots machines; some tried ways, and one interesting character

The human brain is the most powerful natural resource available to man, it can produce some of the best things that previously existed in imagination, but also the power of the brain can be channeled into thievery, with remarkable success. One such diversion of the human brain is devising schemes of tricking slot machines. These schemes are meant to make the slot machine fail in registering the correct payout, opening the dispensing machine or even preventing coins from being payout. An individual can implement these schemes and in some cases, it requires the collaboration of a team for successful execution of the plan. These schemes are risky, and often the culprits face heavy penalties. If you want to play slots and start getting money without taking these risks check our right-hand side banners where we make a selection of the most fun slots.

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Otherwise, here we list some of the “popular-ways” for slots’ cheating:

The monkey wire

This is a wire inserted in a slot machine via the coin hopper. Once inside the machine, the wire blocks the counting mechanism of the machine that thus preventing the machine from registering how much has been paid. The wire also prevents the machine from paying out regularly, but when it happens, the machine payout more that the stipulated amount. For example instead of paying 20 coins, the machine ends up paying 80 or 100 coins. For one to be successful, they need to insert and remove the wire without being seen.

Light wand

The light wand was “introduced” after the monkey wire failed in its mission. The light wand is composed of a small light bulb, a wire and a battery. The primary purpose of the light wand was to blind out the slot machine optical reader. This method empties the machine when a paying combination is hit. Placing the light wand is as risky as placing the monkey wire.


Counterfeiting is the used of fake coins in deceiving the machine. People who do this are known in casino circles as sluggers. The most popular way of counterfeiting is the use of shaved coins.


Sabotage is usually a team activity that is primary meant to sabotage a business rival. It often starts at the game establishment. A good programmer is required to make the machine make repays at predetermined patterns and time leading to losses for the establishment.

Slots machine theft

This method is not as “romantic” as the first four mentioned. It involves stealing the whole slots machines. These method requires teamwork and can only be successfully be implemented if there is teamwork and use of force.

The “curious case” of Tommy Glenn Carmichael

Tommy Glen Carmichael is the only person to trick a slot machine not once, twice, but thrice!  The first method he employed was known as top-bottom joint in the early 60’s. He successfully used this method to defraud machines before he was caught in 1985 and given a 5 years prison sentence after being found guilty. In prison, he was to find comrades who were willing to join his conniving ways.  Upon release, Carmichael and company purchased a slot machine to investigate how the machine worked after discovering that slots machine technology had changed when they were in prison. Their mastery of the slot machine led to the discovery of a slider. The slider, made from a guitar string tripped a specific switch making it release coins.

When slots machines were, computerized Carmichael invented another tool-the light wand. The light wand was so successful that he began selling the same to interested persons. He became rich from the proceeds and lived a luxurious life thanks to proceeds from selling of the wand. Eventually he was investigated, and handed a 3-year probation. He remains blacklisted for cheating slots machines across Casinos across in the United States. If you want to improve your game, fair and square, you can go to Winning Slots Tips for some interesting titbits regarding what to play and how.

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