Chinese online casino scene – illegal reality

Today we are giving a break to the controversial USA online casino scene, giving the spotlight to the Chinese online casino scene, or the legal lack of it. A lawyer expert on the casino industry wrote an interesting article with interesting facts that may help create an online casino scene in the country. Running an online casino in China is currently forbidden, but one has to wander the possibilities, with that amount of population.

The word of an Expert

Here comes Peter Pang, who wrote an article with some amazing facts regarding the Chinese online casino scene. He comments that apart from Macau, gambling is illegal. The surprising part is, it is rare that a forbidden practice makes more than $15 billion. It is estimated that the half of this incredible amount is generated via mobile devices. Pang made a clear point; the country presents an outstanding demand. The harsh truth is that no part of this money reaches the Chinese government, albeit being the activity illegal.

Already having a huge demand for online gambling, the possibility of incurring in the Chinese casino market sounds attractive to many online gambling operators. Pang acknowledges that it is simply a matter of time before online gaming is permitted in the country. China is known as one of the leading countries pushing the envelope regarding mobile devices. This along with the fact that there are currently more than one billion mobile users, and that more than 400 million of this have internet, marks a huge unexploded market.  Statistics also show that the Chinese use internet around 2.6 hours every day.

Matter of Time

The lawyer says to online operators to not despair, as he expects that changes regarding the Chinese online casino scene will begin to appear in the coming year. Even though, he recommends to them to start establishing partnerships with related companies in the country. This already has been the case with many online operators, so if something China won’t lack when online gambling goes legal, is a healthy supply of local online casinos. Having an unlimited online gaming potential, once approved by the government, competence will be fierce.

Peter Pang is lawyer that specializes on the online casino industry. He has degrees from numerous American institutions, including the University of Houston and Santa Clara Law School. He became fascinated with the online scene of China and since then… along with many others, hopes that one day online gambling becomes a legal reality in the country. Presently he works for Dickinson Wright, which requires him to do frequent trips to Shanghai.

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