Club World online casino Columbus day promotion

Club World online casino has a unique habit of offering incredible promotions on special days. Next week is marks the official day Columbus arrived to America and the people of Club World Online couldn’t be more excited. So excited that they have come up with two new days, each with its own offerings. If you are the kind of person that enjoys festivities and online casino gaming, we strongly advice to keep reading.

Do Something Nice Day

The first of these two new days is today, which they have titled Do something Nice Day. As it literally says, Club World online casino encourages people to do good deeds. The online casino is giving away a full bonus of a deposit which limit is $1.000. This succulent bonus can only be used once, but in a weird turn of events, they money can be used on any game of the online casino. These kinds of promotions usually limit the player to a certain group of games, that’s why we clarify. The promotions expires the 6, so we advise players to make haste, it is a good deal

An Explorers Pride

Columbus officially came to America October the 12, 1492. Until this day, Americans take the second Monday of October as a chance to commemorate the adventures of this great explorer. The second Monday in this 2012 is October 10. If you enter Club World online casino, a nice introduction will follow: “Here at Club World we are having our own Parade to celebrate, plus Free Bonus up for Grab! So come and join us for this Special Event.”

This day they shall offer five distinct bonus codes. One of this bonus codes comes with an always nice free bonus. Club world online casino encourages more than one coupon, in order to increase their chances. To be eligible to this promotion, the only requirement is a deposit of at least $21. Winners shall be announced next day (October 11), when all the lucky winners that choose the correct code will earn $25 for each coupon. This kind of offering would make Columbus cry with pride or at least, inspire him to bet some money.

Tuxedo Day

For closure of these special day promotions, Club World online casino has left the strangest promotion as the last one. Many individuals love how they look using a tuxedo, although they lament there aren’t enough days to gallant in fancy clothes. Maybe you guessed it, but this day carries the mantle of “Tuxedo Day”, The promotion is pretty straight forward, deposit $100 and get a grand value of $250 to play with. These credits can be used on keno, scratch cards or in any online slot. Club World recommends players to get into their Tuxedos to increase your chances, but you are free to dress casual, no one is watching you.

Remember that the Do Something Nice promotion is running today. As we said, they offer a %100 bonus on your deposit, with its peak at $1000. Here you have a link towards Club World online casino and always remember…

Good deeds bring joy to the world!

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