Cool Tips for a More Enjoyable Casino Hopping at Vegas

Casinos definitely have an air mystery and a lot of secrets that are just waiting to be discovered. Any establishment that makes a lot of money on gambling would have a lot of tricks under their sleeves and there is no denying that it will take a bit of skulking to know some of the juiciest secrets that they are hiding. Secrets need not be sinister and such but it would be nice to know some of the things that will make the gaming halls even more attractive whether you are a regular or just someone who plans to drop by for a visit. Here are some things that would be nice to do when you are in one of those Vegas casinos.

Stay away from local players


Some people will have the notion that locals have every right to be playing in casinos as guests. But most of the time, locals are in the casino for business not for pleasure. They can actually fleece you out of your money in no time. If the dealer greets people by their name, that’s your cue to change poker rooms or ask the supervisor for a table change. It would be in your best interests to go against other tourists. The best time to play is around 3 am, this is the time when the crowds in those clubs are thinning and people are on their way to some fun at the tables. Playing against people who have a bit of a drink would certainly increase your chances of winning a game.

Look for the circle bar


The circle bar happens to be a fixture in almost all casinos and more often than not, these bars are in the middle of the floor. This bar is a good place to make friends since the turnover is high and people never stay long. Plus, you won’t have to pay a cover while you are here and the locals rarely visit the bar. Should you be sitting with someone you do not like, you can rest assured that that person will be out of the bar in no time.

Card counters who are caught are prohibited from playing blackjack


The movie 21 did have some truth in it and card counters can be asked to stop playing especially when they are caught. The floor supervisor is not the only one that you have to worry about these days because you also need to be on the lookout for the surveillance guy who is trying to review the game. The playing session of a suspected card counter is replayed to determine his skill at the tables and when he returns for another game, he will be nailed and informed that he is no longer allowed to play the game. There are tips on how to avoid getting caught though and with enough skill; you might get away with it if you have enough confidence.

Tip dealers and the servers

Dealers are trying to make a living too, most of the time from their tips and it would be best to give them tips, after all they can be highly empathic to the way your luck is turning. While at it, be sure to pay attention to those servers. Drinks are always served free in many casinos but if you want the server to go in your direction, you should slip them a dollar or two.



Casinos are certainly a thing of interest and there are certain tips that you can use when you are looking forward to a fine time at the gaming halls. Indeed, these can be useful when you are interested in making the best out of your casino experience.

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