Craps Guide for Beginners

For any new craps player, the mere sight of the craps table is very intimidating, confusing, and even scary. The first thought that crosses a new player mind is that the game is very hard and complicated to learn. On the contrary, the game is relatively easy to learn and master albeit with regular practice. It is important to note that the primary objective of playing craps is to be able to tell the outcome of a roll of dice and this ultimately will decide whether you win or you lose. Keep reading our craps guide for beginners to become an insider in few steps.

Defining craps

Craps is a dice casino game that is played by making wagers on the outcome of a roll or rolls or a pair of dice. According to the official rules, players have an option of waging money against each other, or the bank. The game is believed to have started during the crusades. Craps was later influenced by the French style of gambling, and further modifications of the game made it the popular version of the game available today.

Forms of craps available

There are three varieties of craps available today.

Casino craps – craps played in land based casinos. The game is controlled by a box man.

Street craps- in the street craps, a craps table is not involved. This form of craps is associated with soldiers who play this game to pass time.

Online craps- online craps is the latest form of craps and incorporates both versions of the game i.e. street craps and casino craps. This form of craps is gaining popularity as it is very convenient to play, and offer high rewards and bonuses.

What you need to know to play craps

To comprehend what craps is all about, as a beginner, it is advisable that you learn the following regarding the game:

• The rules

• The craps table

• Types of bets

• Etiquette

The aforementioned will be discussed to give you an idea on what craps is all about, more detail descriptions is available on other articles in this site.

The craps table

The craps table is designed to display the various betting positions available i.e. the pass and don’t pass line bet, come and don’t come bet, odd bets, place bets, and the field bets. This table is double sided with the layout of both side the same. The table can accommodate up to eight players on either side of the table. This table is managed by four employees.

• Box man- guards the chips and supervises the game

• Two base dealers- they the pay bets

• Stick man- stands directly across the table and takes bets at the center of the table.

Rules of craps

The rules of craps are cross cutting defining how the player position themselves in the craps table, procedure of play, outcome of betting, and how the box man conducts the play. This is well covered in an article in one of the articles on this site.

Crap bets

Some of the bets that define the game of craps include:

• Pass line

• Don’t pass line

• Come bets

• Don’t come bets

• Proposition bets

• Hardways

• Placed bets

• Field bets

• Buy and Lay bets

Craps Etiquette

In addition to the rules, craps player are supposed to show some etiquette when playing the game. Some of the basic etiquette includes:

• Placing the chip rather than tossing it

• Not changing a dice in the middle of a roll

• Avoid eating or drinking at the craps table

• Tipping the dealers at the end of play.

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