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Luck is a funny word in the world of casino gaming. Any pro will tell you that it doesn’t matter how much knowledge or how well covered you have the basics of online poker, a percentage corresponds to a margin of luck or chance. In poker, it applies perfectly, as you can’t choose which cards you will get, or your opponents for that matter. But, you can learn strategies regarding what to do with some kinds of hand, increasing your chances of winning. Here enters the tempting art of deception. In other words, to misguide your opponent into thinking something that isn’t real, so he in consequence acts doing what you want.

If that doesn’t sound complicated enough, imagine playing online poker, where you can’t even see your opponent. Here comes the beauty of online poker, if you can’t see other players, in some ways your opponent can’t deceive you. Today we will cover some basic online poker tells, for all the internet players lovers of clicking!

Lightning speed turtle

This is the most basic thing you have to take into account while playing online poker. The player that after doing a considerable pause, makes a huge bet, has in his regard, a great hand. If your opponent takes a 10-15 seconds period to do another move, he might just make a huge neon sign that says: “I have a flush or a fullhouse, I do the 10 seconds thing to make you think I may be bluffing, so you continue to bet”. Most of the times, players don’t do this, especially on online poker, as they can’t see you. In many ways, this makes players be less risky in the betting department. If your opponent continues to challenge you, he has a big hand; there is no other way around it.

Automatic clicker

If your opponent clicks in an automatic manner, this means he has a great hand. There is a little chance you are against a risky bluffer, but always go for the first scenario, just take into account, some take poker as an extreme sport. This basically means that the player has a huge hand and is so sure about it that he is willing to bet until the end. Saying it in other way, be afraid and fold. If you are sure of your hand, you can continue, but always remember, you may be facing a giant.

Checkers Paradise

This one is pretty obvious, if a player uses the auto-check button, it means he has a weak hand. There is a small chance you are against an online psychological mastermind, but that only happens in science fiction movies. Were a player to call after auto checking, assume your player is a rookie, so act in consequence; win the game.

Callers Paradise

In most scenarios if a player calls your bet instantly, this means he has a moderate to weak hand. It’s the most basic trick in poker, you call quickly to disorient and discourage the opponent. Here you should continue to bet normally, with your basic strategy unchecked.  This is the best way to disorient the caller. Of course, you may also be against an experienced player, that make fast calls, having the intention on calling to the river.

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