Demystifying common slots machines myths

The game of slots is one of the most popular casino games today. The game is also full of myths. I am sure that if you are a regular casino goer, you have seen that some players have made it a point never to play in some selected machines while opting to play regularly in some machines in the belief that it has “luck”. But, do such players have a basis for those beliefs?

In an attempt of answering this question, it is imperative to review some of the most common slot machine myths prevalent in many casino halls.

Myth one: when a machine is about to heat up, it means that it is due

This is one of the most common and indeed popular myths in casinos. However, nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is that every spin is independent from the previous spin. Slot machines are random and it is possible that they can remain “cold” for long periods.

Myth number two: when the payoff symbol is missing, a jackpot will arrive at any time

The random number generator is completely separate from the rest of the machine. When either you see a payoff symbol, above or below the pay line, it can only mean one thing… please try again as you just lost. It is imperative to note that the exact microsecond you start your spin is when your result are determined.

Myth number three: Old coins do wonders

It is not uncommon to find players playing using old coins believing  that it will deliver the killer instinct. Slot machines are not designed with sensors that give payouts based on the “age” of the coin. Players playing the game offline only observe this myth. A brand new coin can give you a jackpot win.

Myth number four: if you want luck, pull the handle rather than the Maximum credit button

Pulling the handle or pressing the maximum credit button achieves one common objective, activating the system. The former only consumes more of your energy. The fact that you were introduced or you previously won a jackpot by pulling the handle should not mean that this is the only way to go. You should free to use either way as you hope that lady luck will smile at you.

Myth number five: slot machines only pay at given times of the day

Some players are convinced that there is a jackpot at given times of the day. If this was the case it will amount to fraud as it will be deny other players a chance to win. Jackpots are won during the day and night.

Myth number six: playing at long periods increase your chance of wining

Again, this is a popular myth that has only led to many players loosing there cash. The machine will never come to your mercy because you have spent the whole day playing.

Myth number seven: Casino selects the winners Casinos have no say on who will be the winners

If this would be the case, again, it would be a fraud and not gambling. Slot machines have no face detection features or thumb reading capabilities for awarding pre-determined players.

Myth number eight: higher denominations machines offer more payouts

All slots machines are programmed with a payout schedule. Although, higher denominations have a higher frequency of payouts, it does not mean that you will get bigger payouts.

Myth number nine: casinos can tamper with machines to make it either lose or tight

A common misconception is that slot machines are made by casinos and thus they can manipulate it to favor the casino. The truth is that approved manufacturers make slot machines and any casino tampering with machines can result in them being de-listed.

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