Does Obama privately support online poker?

Obama recent endorsement of Gay marriages has opened a Pandora box, and it seems many marginalized communities will know demand for their right to exercise what they want. This is definitely a conversation that is not about to die any time soon. Following the announcement made by Obama, one of most prominent poker players has sensationally claimed that President Obama secretly supports online poker. In a tweet, Barry Greenstein said, that he knew that the president is in agreement to legalize online poker, but he won’t go public on his desire.

Barry Greenstein, a winner of three WSOP titles, drew comparison between gay rights and poker player’s right to practice what they like. Here’s the tweet:

@barackobama admitted that gays should have equal rights. Will he also admit poker players deserve their freedom?

Not everyone agrees with this comparison

Barry Greenstein “equivalence” theory has been questioned by one of the leading lawyers gambling lawyers, Stuart Hoegner.

“My problem with his (Barry) assertion is that the two rights carry the same weight,” Hoegner said. “I’m do support both rights, but it has to be acknowledged that the two rights are not the same. Gay rights is all about the fundamental civil right and dignity as human beings”

“Online poker is all about personal freedom, and economic rights, but it does not in any way has the right to be accorded the same level of urgency as a law that discriminates on a person sexual preference. I personally like to play online poker, but I this does not mean that my right of playing poker is not the same as the rights of a person to his intimate relationships”

All efforts to legalize online poker in the United States have always been met with resistance locking out many online poker players in the United States. It is perhaps this frustration that made Barry tweet on their (players) rights to freely exercise their rights.

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