Facebook Bingo and many prizes

Online platforms have become the leading way to communicate with other people around the world. Being “communication” a word that has gained an incredible importance in the last 5 years, it sounds only logical that many corporations jumped in the game. Facebook is the leading online communication platform in the world and it doesn’t show any signs of leaving that spot to another. The thing is, now it goes beyond of commenting your buddies photos or playing small interactive online games that Facebook provides. External videogame companies, music business and even Casino Sofware have found their way in the quest of the mighty dollar, for where there is popularity, there is a chance of big revenue and innovation.

Sparks never been this pretty

Such is the case of Sparkling Bingo; the biggest online bingo web in the U.K. Sparkling Bingo has modified their main web page interface to make it much more Facebook friendly. This means that Facebook users will find many chances to get bonuses, online bingo promotions and even free goodies. Sum to this the chance to interact with other Bingo players around the world and we get a big deal. If you want to cover the basics of the game, you can head to Online Bingo Rules for Beginners for detailed summary of what you need to know.

Continual promo support

In regular fashion, Sparkling Bingo throws campaigns to reward U.K bingo players for their interactions with the Facebook fan site of the web. A reward that has made much sound in the U.K Bingo scene is the free £5 you get by just clicking the “Like” button. Let me rephrase that for U.K bingo player’s ¡you just have to click a button! You also get the chance to participate in various contests to get other prizes; so again, we do get a really big deal.

Top Fans of the Month Contest

A huge campaign that is hosted on the Sparkling Bingo Facebook every month is the “Top Fans of the Month Contest”. This basically means that the persons that click the: Like, Share and also comments posts of the page, will get free items. There is no trick here, you would just have to click two buttons or comment in the posts that the people of Sparkling Bingo do, simple as that.  By the way. the prizes aren’t cars, houses or airplane tickets to France. Sparkling does a “small prizes but many of them approach”. Take this as an continual incentive to U.K bingo players and a pretty darn good one. For July, one of the promos offers a cute Teddy Bear, the kind you will hug in later dates for good luck. Fans that get in the range of 250 points, either by liking posts, sharing posts and commenting posts done by Sparkling Casino Facebook page will have a chance to take teddy home. In June, the promo gave away a coffee mug. Let’s just say that Sarah Blackery must be drinking a lot of caffeine and liking a lot of Sparkling Bingo posts in Facebook now.

U.K Bingo is a lucky Bingo

If you are the kind of bingo player that loves bonuses, promotions and small prizes all while playing the game and commenting of things related to it, Sparkling Bingo Facebook is the page where you should head. There you can also see detailed information on upcoming promos, exclusive codes and much more stuff.

Here you have a direct link: Sparkling Bingo

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