Facebook – first US company to enter the UK online gambling scene

Gambling on the web comes as a regular practice in the UK. Tons of online casinos and casino software developing companies give their best to make the best products for online players. However, this phenomenon hadn’t reached the US, but last week, the first step was taken. Facebook, the biggest social platform of the US, takes the mantle of the first US company licensed taking a part in the online gambling action in the UK.

Not just for the fun of it

Facebook will give its users the chance of playing real money Bingo. This will surely probe to be a chance of pace to Facebook users, as it will be the first Facebook application of its kind. It is supposed that it will work as any other Facebook application, although not too much information has been disclosed as of yet. Analysts comment that this application of real money bingo in the UK comes as a test.

Gaming entrepreneur and analyst Steve Schwartz told: “Facebook sees the future of online gambling in the US, with more and more states regulating the industry, so it makes sense that they would start in the UK and test their theories,”. “If the bingo gambling succeeds like most expect it will, Facebook may then try to bring the game to American soil.”

US controversial online jurisdictions

The situation in the US is currently pretty misty with online gambling. Since the inception of online gaming, the activity has been presumed as illegal in the US. This has given a great deal of controversy on the US, making it a very tense subject on the media However, the December of 2011 saw the emergence of a message from the Justice Department of the US, sharing with the public that the only online gaming activity banned on the internet is Sports Betting. After this, Nevada along with other states, took the great task of creating and organizing what would become the internet gaming scene in the US.

In 2013, both Nevada and New Jersey will be formally cleared to develop online casinos on the US internet space. The real money bingo venture of Facebook would require the social platform to join a gaming company with a legitimate license in the US, to be able to give this application in the country.

Facebook – a 100 billion company

Facebook has been one of the most profitable business ventures of last decade and to this continues to amaze. Their newest objective isn’t bold, given their history. With this new venture, several analysts believe this amazing figure could be the future of Facebook. It’s no mystery that online gaming has proven to be a resounding success within the internet. Sum to this the range of Facebook; the chances can really be limitless.

In the present Facebook found great success with some games like MafiaWars and Farmville, both titles created by gaming developers Zynga. These games can be played for free, but bonus items and in-game products can be bought, giving players the opportunity to improve on their experience.

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