Five players who might hit it big at WSOP 2012

The WSOP is the ultimate stage for any poker player to announce to the world stage of his or her arrival. Many hitherto unknown players have been transformed into heroes, and heroines in the past WSOP events, and ushered them in winnings that they could only dream about before winnings at the past WSOP.

This year’s WSOP scheduled to start on Sunday May 27, 2012 promises to be intriguing as many gifted players are expected to participate in the event. Whereas, poker is full of surprises, and predicting the winner is sometimes a futile attempt, we have nonetheless identified some of the upcoming players who might make a breakthrough this year. This assessment is based on their past performance, and whereas, some of the names are not news to poker, they might finally come of age and deliver.

1. Viktor Blom

Viktor Blom might pass for a model given his hot looks and whereas there is no link between good looks and winning poker, Viktor is a man who knows his game. The young Swedish has established himself as one of the best online cash-game players. This will be his first WSOP event, and all eyes will be zoomed to him to see if he can pull a coup at the world most lucrative and prestigious poker event. Viktor has not yet stated how many tournaments he will play, but he has hinted that he will be at the main event. He will definitely draw inspiration from the first time Tom “durrr” Dwan who in his first WSOP tournament in 2008 managed to reach two table finals.

2. Harrison Gimbel

Harrison shot to fame when he won the PCA in 2010 at the Bahamas in the process raking in $2.2 million aged only 19 years. Harrison has been playing poker ever since he was 13-years of age. Despite of his young age, Harrison is a very skillful player a fact that is confirmed by his many wins in the short duration that he has played something that will give him confidence has he heads to Las Vegas.

3. Sebastian Sikorski

Sebastian is yet to make it known if he is going to play at the WSOP. I bet some players bet that he does not turn up for the event given his deadly skills, and wit that has seen him collect over $4 million in lifetime tournaments. Currently he is ranked as the fourth player in the Canadian online player rankings. Despite his outstanding wins, he is yet to win any live poker event and WSOP will certainly provide him with the perfect stage if he opts to play.

4. Marcel Bjerkmann

You probably heard the name of Marcel Bjerkmann in many reviews, it very hard to ignore his name in any analysis of some of the best players. Marcel is one of the best players both in live tournaments and online. Some of his wins include the Belgian open poker and the Masters Classic poker championship. His excellent table presence and straight-up skills make him one of the deadliest players.

5. Ben Warrington

Warrington, 23, an English National, but currently living in Spain breakthrough was when he won the $1 million guaranteed Rush tournament. He was also a finalist in the $200, 0000 guaranteed on Full Tilt. Ben is a regular player in ten different sites, and his aspiration is to be one of the ten top poker players in the world. He has so far no made it big playing at the live events, but nonetheless he is a name to watch out in the upcoming WSOP event.

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