Four pertinent questions looming over 2012 WSOP

The 2012 WSOP is about to commence, and as many players psych themselves towards the event, many stakeholders are pondering on what are the new surprises expected for the upcoming event. WSOP 2011 was an event in which many records were shuttered, and the bar of the game raised to a new level. As we await the launch of the event, here are some questions that we hope will get answered as the event rolls by:

1. Will we see a return of Phil Ivey?

Phil Ivey was one of the conspicuous absentees of the WSOP 2011 series. 2011, was generally a quite year for the Phil and he only appeared for few tournaments as the year came to a close. Many fans were disappointed with his absence as he is one of the most formidable players in the poker scene. Phil sat out of the entire 2011 WSOP series to protest the decision of the United states Justice decision to shut down several poker websites. Many fans hope that he will turn up and add to his collection of bracelet, and inch nearer to the record held by Phil Helmut in the process cement his reputation as one the best poker players ever.

2. Will Phil Hellmuth win another bracelet?

Phil Hellmuth is the holder of 11 bracelets the first won he won in 1989, and the most recent he won in 2007. His record stands and will continue to stand out amongst his fellow peers. As the 2012 WSOP approaches, the big question is: Will Phil Hellmuth increases his tally to 12?

Last year, he had an impressive ran, but unfortunately for him, he had to contend with multiple second place finishes. He has kept a low profile this year, only playing in an eight game event at the Los Angeles Poker classic in the month of poker. Perhaps, he is preparing for the WSOP is all we can speculate on…but time will tell is this time round he will be able to bury the ghost.

3. Will the attendance of this year surpass last year’s?

The 2011 WSOP event was held against the backdrop of the “Black Friday” ruling, and many analysts had postulated that the number of participants will decrease significantly, but the opposite was true. The 2012 poker tournament is finally here, and although players have had enough time to get acquainted to the new poker environment some analyst believe that there will be a drop in the number of participants despite the obvious increase in capacity. We can only speculate as to whether there will be a boom or a bust.

4. Will ratings be favorable for ESPN?

Last year T.V rating for WSOP on ESPN was disastrous. A fact that led to this low rating was the fact that the show was edited. To make amends for the poor showing last year, WSOP officials have promised that this Year’s WSOP ESPN coverage will only feature the main event and the live table. I bet that WSOP officials are betting for an improvement in the rating of the event as anything rather than this will put them in a very tight spot. Any improvement from the ratings of last year will be enough to impress ESPN. In 2011, the WSOP was broadcasted on ESPN channel from July 14th to 19th where unprecedented access was given to the millions of T.V audience including special unedited hole cards featuring a thirty minute delay. The channel offered 36 additional hours for high definition channel in its premier channels of ESPN2, ESPN, and

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